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Captain Rick: I bid a fond farewell to Casey Kasem, 82. I shall always remember his dynamic voice on the radio back in the 70’s as he counted down the top hit songs and his famous closing words “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars”.


Casey’s closing words held extra meaning for me back in the 70s. Though we live in a much more complex world today when ‘reaching for the stars’ is out of reach for most…those closing words still give us something important to think about.

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Captain Rick: The Holdman Amazing Grace Christmas House on Christmas Street in Pleasant Grove, Utah presents the world’s most spectacular Christmas light display featuring 176 light channels and 45,000 multicolored lights synchronized to ‘Amazing Grace,’ ‘Music Box Dancer’ and other great musical numbers.

Captain Rick’s Christmas Lights Spectacular on YouTube: I have compiled the best of past Holdman Christmas light performances in a half hour playlist I present for your enjoyment below, via my YouTube site.


VIEWING INSTRUCTIONS: Click the image above … after you read this: This is a continuous performance that lasts about a half hour. When you click you will be transferred to Captain Rick’s YouTube site and my playlist will begin. Select your viewing quality. Most are available in 720p HD. Select the full screen icon at lower right. Turn your sound up. Then, do not touch anything, except to press ‘skip’ if you encounter an occasional ad. There is a few second blank spot at the end of ‘Music Box Dancer’. Be patient. The performance continues with a 14 minute complete show of the record 2010 Holdman Christmas Lights show and ends with a song by Judy Pancoast about the Holdman ‘House on Christmas Street’. ENJOY!

The Amazing Grace Christmas House was located in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Designed and programmed by Richard Holdman, the display started in 2006, but traffic became too much of an issue and is no longer running.  Richard has gone on to create Holdman Lighting which installs animated lighting displays around the world.

Richard Holdman: 2010 was the last year for our large display on our home. The traffic became to much along with some neighbor complaints but for the record there were many awesome neighbors that loved it and I really appreciate their support over the years.

Your appreciation is welcome: It took a bit of work to put this show together for your enjoyment. However, it was a tiny effort in comparison to the work that went into the Holdman light displays. If you enjoy it, I would be grateful to read your comment below. More so, I know the Holdmans would enjoy your comment.

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Captain Rick: Dave was a great jazz composer and piano legend born December 6, 1920. I love jazz and the piano. Few people have ever mastered both as well as Dave. I am deeply saddened to learn of his passing. 

Dave lived to a grand age of 91, only one day short of 92. Perhaps enjoying jazz and the piano helps prolong life! It certainly did for Dave.

So long Dave. Thankfully, the wonderful music you created will live on forever.


Please check out Dave’s website to learn more about him and to hear some of his excellent music: