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Captain Rick : If the 2016 presidential election were today, who would you vote for, regardless of political party?
The World Think Tank, Facebook’s highest quality think tank, is conducting a presidential election poll of its member Thinkers that is live and will be ongoing thru election day in 2016. Currently Donald Trump is holding a lead.

Facebook members are welcome to view the WTT poll results to see where Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Rand Paul and other candidates place. WTT members are welcome to place their vote to sway the ranks of this poll and share their thoughts of wisdom with the world.

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Poll results can be found in the WTT ‘2016 US Presidential Race’ DISCUSSION, always positioned near the top of the World Think Tank.

Look for a ‘BEEP BEEP’ icon near the bottom of the discussion for the latest WTT Presidential Poll Stats.

The WTT ‘2016 Presidential Race’ DISCUSSION, approaching 1000 comments, is one of the hottest on Facebook.

See you in the Tank,
Captain Rick, WTT founder

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Captain Rick : The Senna Artemisioides, commonly known as feathery or silver cassia, produces an abundance of beautiful yellow flowers in the spring. Endemic to Australia, it also thrives abundantly in Arizona’s Valley of the Sun.
It is a hardy shrub that can withstand temps into 20’s F and loves dry ground with full sun into the 110’s F, making it a perfect match for the Phoenix Arizona area.

Senna artemisioides is a flowering plant in the family Fabaceae.  It can grow to 3 meters in height, though I keep mine manicured in the shape of an inverted cone about 5 feet tall, which removes the many long flat green seed pods that grow with the flowers. At Christmas time, it becomes one of the many trees, shrubs and plants to be adorned with thousands of lights at my desert oasis. Below is a photo of my Senna Artemisioides before grooming.


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