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What a mess. Washington Gridlock continues!
The US House voted today to table vote on the Senate 2-month extension (which has major flaws) and voted to accept a resolution to confer its 1-year extension (which has major flaws) back to Senate/House conference.
Bottom line…unless the Senate can find time in their busy holiday schedule to return to Washington or the House backs off of their unrealistic stand…the SS tax break raid on SS funds will end (GOOD)…and extended benefits for the unemployed will end (???) and a 27% decrease in doctor Medicare reimbursements will result (BAD).
Who is at fault? Obama, Republicans, Democrats?
Answer: All of the above
Washington has become totally dysfunctional. The president nor either party have a clue as to what is required to bring America out of the quagmire of Washington Gridlock. They ALL need to be replaced! You can help make that happen in the 2012 election.
Captain Rick’s Fix:
Medicare ‘Doc Fix’: Separate this from all of this squabble. It’s a very necessary thing that has been routinely fixed since the beginning of Medicare. Millions of elderly Americans who paid into the system for their entire lives have an invested right for Washington to stand behind America’s legislation of Medicare!
I hope Washington will come to its senses and pass emergency legislation early in 2012 to fix this travesty as a separate issue. The House has suggested a 2-year fix in their plan. That is commendable…but a permanent fix would be much better.
Social Security Payroll Tax Break extension: Kill it dead in its track! It is robbing billions of $$$ that are desperately needed to fund Social Security which is already on the path to bankruptcy. Both parties should be ashamed to promote extension of such fiscally poor legislation.
Unemployment Benefit Extension: This should be treated as a separate issue and not be rolled in with all of the above. The money it takes to provide this extension could be better used to provide new jobs for those without. Perhaps a work program like my dad was in back in the 1930’s…the CCC.
To fix the problem of Washington Gridlock, all voting Americans need to vote out all of the current members of Congress that will be up for reelection in 2012. They are among those who are responsible for Washington Gridlock. But, unless you vote your representatives out, you will be part of the problem.