About Captain Rick … Atridim

I am a mechanical design engineer, with 8 United States Patents accredited for inventions used in surface cleaning & maintenance vehicles and lawn & garden equipment. My engineering career spanned 4 decades, working for manufacturing companies in Wisconsin, Colorado, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina and Arizona.

I am retired in Arizona’s Valley of the Sun in a town called Gilbert, where I have loved to call home since 1997 and hope to for the rest of time. Retirement has allowed me to pursue the things in life that I enjoy best…

PHOTOGRAPHY … a life long hobby of snapping well over 20,000 photos.

It originated when my father gave me his old Mercury 35 mm half frame camera in the early 1960s. It was totally mechanical. I had to load a 35 mm roll, feeding the film across and wrapping it around the take-up spool. I had to wind the film ahead after each photo. If I forgot, it would result in a double exposure, of which some turned out ‘pretty cool’. I went on to own several 35 mm SLRs.

The advent of digital photography allowed me to explore the world of shooting and editing digital photos. I was a Webshots member in the early 2000’s. My photos received over 1 million views. Webshots listed me as the number one photographer shooting in the ‘Arizona’ category. In 2007, as a pioneer, I established a photostream on a tiny, new web firm called Flickr. It has since grown to become the world’s grandest photo site with over 6 billion photos. My current photo view stats are well over 100,000.

When HDTV’s and widescreen computer monitors became popular, I began formatting all of my new photos for viewing full screen on an HDTV in Blu-ray quality. I present my 5 most recent Flickr photos in the left column of my blog. I created several photo groups on Flickr, including ‘A Virtual Journey’, with views from over 8,000 people from 96 countries. My group ’16×9 Widescreen’ is Flickr’s top group for HDTV quality photos.

Captain Rick’s Flickr Photostream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/atridim/

Captain Rick’s Flickr Profile Page including info on his Flickr high definition and HDTV quality photo groups: http://www.flickr.com/people/atridim/

JOURNALISM … a newly discovered talent that was a lifetime in the making.

I took typing class in high school back in the early 1960’s. There were not many boys in the class. It was mostly a girls skill needed to become a secretary working for a future male boss. I saw it differently. To me it looked like a way to more efficiently put my thoughts on paper. I started keeping a journal when I was very young. I still have some of the early hard copies, which contain some very awesome reading. I hope to share them one day.

I purchased my first typewriter in the late 60’s. It was one of those big ugly black mechanical things called an Underwood. In the early 70’s I bought a Smith Corona electric. I was like typing in ‘dreamland’. The 80’s gave way to the electronic typewriters. The 90’s introduced the computer keyboard. My fingers were typing away during the entire spectrum. Today, I can type up a storm. I owe it all to that ‘girls’ typing class back in the 60’s.

I have always had a great interest in news, economy, government and much more. I have insight of these subjects and zeal to share my thoughts with the world. For several years I published news letters via email. In 2010 I discovered WordPress and established this blog. It remained dormant for over a year due to a lack of ‘guts’ to project my words to the world. It took my friend Bill, who was facing stage 4 cancer and undergoing multiple rounds of radiation and chemotherapy, to give me the courage to energize this blog. I convinced Bill to tell his story on a blog I created for him. He agreed and told his story with excellence. You can read Bills testimony in a comment below. I follow with a comment that shares a link to his blog. Seeing the wonderful effect his writing had on his audience, I knew I had to begin writing and sharing my thoughts with the world via this blog.  Since then, I have ‘let loose’ … saying it like I feel in my heart, with hope that the world is listening and benefiting from my journalistic words.  

CAPTAIN RICK … how did my nickname originate? 

As a child, I enjoyed boating/fishing trips with my father. We often caught some excellent walleye, northern and bass in Lake Michigan and the lakes near my hometown in Wisconsin. I loved the water and I loved boats.

During the early 70’s in Minnesota, I seized my dream of building my own boat. I bought plans for a 17 foot ocean racing boat … a design that had won many ocean races in New Zealand. It took several years and over 1000 hours of construction, using lots of oak and mahogany wood and the installation of a Chevy Corvette 4-barrel engine with a Muncie I/O drive. I also designed and constructed its steel trailer. After launching, it became a dominating presence on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota, especially when the water was rough and most other boats headed for safe waters. At 40 knots (46 mph) in rough water, it’s heavy wood, 20 degree deep-V hull split the big waves and sprayed them far to the sides. It was a sight to behold. It road the waves with power and excitement like no other boat I have experienced. It was one of my greatest prides and joy.

My friends called me ‘Captain Rick’. The nickname stuck and has lived on ever since. I hope one day to tell the rest of this amazing story, complete with photos, of the construction and enjoyment of that great boat.

Captain Rick’s ‘Round-the-World’ Walking/Bicycling Trek to combat HBP

Diagnosed with HBP (High Blood Pressure) in 1999, placing me at an increased risk of heart attack and stroke, I made a New Year resolution to begin walking for exercise. The death of my father from a heart attack a couple years later energized my World Trek to walk/bicycle the equivalent of the distance around our world … 25,000 miles. It was a tall resolution, but at 57% completion in 2013, I proudly say that it is one that I am faithfully fulfilling. I hope to complete my world trek in 2022 at age 75. You can view my World Trek progress on my page: Rick’s HBP World Trek


Our cities, states, countries, nations and people of our world face many serious challenges. Significant, constructive change is required to address these challenges. The ANJ Vision is to inspire constructive change.


The Beginning in May 2010

5000 Hits achieved in August 2013

10,000 Hits achieved in June 2014

15,000 Hits in December 2015

20,000 Hits in July 2017

Captain Rick’s WORLD THINK TANK group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WorldThinkTank/

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Captain Rick’s Facebook Timeline: https://www.facebook.com/atridim 

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Captain Rick’s YouTube Playlists: http://www.youtube.com/user/atridim/playlists

This is a great place to visit for continuous play HDTV quality video performances that I have compiled on many subjects including birthdays, holidays, famous performers, interesting places and much more.


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Thanks for stopping by…

I really appreciate it. I hope you enjoyed your visit and will return soon and often. Above all, thanks for your ‘likes’ and comments. They comprise the energy to help me ‘keep on blogging’ about subjects that are most important to you.

Captain Rick

  1. Bill Whitney says:

    Captain Rick has been a good friend of mine now for several years. We connected on a photo sharing community site known as Flickr.com. He has been extremely supportive of my photography, and is dedicated to helping and inspiring other photographers of his groups.

    I am grateful for his friendship! When I was diagnosed with an aggressive, deadly cancer last year, he offered me an opportunity to tell my story through a Blog that he would create, maintain, and support. I at first refused. He convinced me that I had a Journey to share …

    Captain Rick is generous, kind, insightful, and a rare kind of gentleman.
    Thanks for being there for me!

    Bill of Tucson

    • atridim says:

      Bill, your words of kindness have brought an abundance of tears of joy to my eyes and heart. You are a special friend who has had to face a very difficult journey.
      I am pleased that you have allowed me to share your ‘C-Word Journey’ with the world in a blog that is as real as real can be.
      It was your courage to share your story with the world in desperate times that gave me the courage to energize my blog. I extend my thanks and appreciation for that.
      You are my hero! I wish you well as you continue your journey.
      Your friend forever,
      Captain Rick

      PS. I urge everyone to read Bills ‘C-Word Journey’: http://cwordjourney.wordpress.com/

  2. atridim says:

    Bill Whitney’s ‘C-Word Journey’ ended in January 2014. He left us with a great legacy. He shall always be remembered for his kindness and friendship…and especially his inspiration that helped energize Atridim News Journal. Captain Rick.

  3. June says:

    I met Rick on Webshots and we have been friends ever since. I enjoy viewing his spectacular photos and listening to his fabulous music on the keyboard. He has been a wonderful friend and I value his friendship.

    June in Tennessee

    • Atridim says:

      June, your comment made my day! I am very appreciative of our friendship. It was a very special connection we made some 15+ years ago.
      June, you hold the record for my longest social media friend and I am very grateful.
      We must join in thanking Webshots for making it all possible.
      Your friend forever,
      Captain Rick

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