Rick’s HBP World Trek

Captain Rick’s ‘Round-the-World’ Walking/Bicycling Trek to combat HBP

In 1999, at age 52, I was diagnosed with HBP (High Blood Pressure), placing me at an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. My doctor urged me to develop a healthier diet (less fat, cholesterol, salt, sugar, alcohol) and a daily exercise routine.

On New Years Eve in 1999, I made a resolution to begin eating healthy and walk a mile or more every day for exercise. It is a resolution that I have faithfully fulfilled over the many years since.

The death of my father from a heart attack a couple of years later fortified my resolution. I sharpened my diet and increased my exercise routine.

In 2005 I bought a bicycle and added a daily ride to my to my daily walking routine.

On New Years Eve, preceding 2006, I expanded my resolution to walk/bicycle the equivalent of once around the world … 25,000 miles. With only a few thousand miles logged, I knew this was a very tall resolution … but, it was a goal that I was bound and determined to achieve.

Over the past 18 years I have worn out over 20 sets of shoes walking 10,000 miles, with the best pair achieving 767 miles, an inexpensive pair of Dr. Scholl’s. Several expensive pair ‘bit the dust’ after a couple hundred miles, proving that cost does not equal endurance. As an experienced walker and engineer, I hope to blog about the design of today’s shoes in a future blog post. Shoe companies could learn an abundance of knowledge.

I have worn out 2 bicycles and many sets of tires, biking 10,000 miles. I am riding my third bicycle, a 29” Mongoose, already on its second set of tires. As an experienced biker and engineer, I hope to blog about the design of today’s bicycles in a future blog post. Bicycle companies could learn an abundance of knowledge.

I logged my miles every day since the beginning of my trek in 2000. In 2009 I began publishing my progress. I did so to recognize my difficult achievement, but more importantly to remind me that I had a long way to go and to help give me strength to carry on … and to give courage to the many people who have HBP and ‘walk in my shoes’.

Captain Rick’s ‘Round-the-World’ Walking/Bicycling Trek Progress Report:

Goal status as of January 1, 2018

Completed Distance: 20,532 miles (33,043 km), 82.5% of Earth’s 24,901 mile circumference

Remaining Distance: 4,369 miles (7,031 km), 17.5% of Earth’s 24,901 mile circumference

Estimated year of World Trek completion at current rate of 4.26 miles per day: 2020

Annual Progress History:


Walking: 644 miles (Trek total: 9,673 miles)

Bicycling: 912 miles (Trek total 10,859 miles)

Walking + Bicycling: 1,556 miles (Trek total: 20,532 miles, 82.5% completed)

Average: 4.26 miles per day (Estimated year of World Trek completion: 2020)

Age: 70


Walking: 630 miles (Trek total: 9,029 miles)

Bicycling: 925 miles (Trek total 9,947 miles)

Walking + Bicycling: 1,555 miles (Trek total: 18,976 miles, 76.2% completed)

Average: 4.26 miles per day (Estimated year of World Trek completion: 2020)

Age: 69


Walking: 628 miles (Trek total: 8,399 miles)

Bicycling: 982 miles (Trek total 9,022 miles)

Walking + Bicycling: 1,610 miles (Trek total: 17,421 miles, 70.0% completed)

Average: 4.41 miles per day (Estimated year of World Trek completion: 2020)

Age: 68


Walking: 647 miles (Most Miles Walked in 1 Year, Trek total: 7,771 miles)

Bicycling: 882 miles (Trek total 8,040 miles)

Walking + Bicycling: 1,529 miles (Trek total: 15,811 miles, 63.5% completed)

Average: 4.19 miles per day (Estimated year of completion: 2021)

Age: 67


Walking: 494 miles (Trek total: 7,124 miles)

Bicycling: 712 miles (Trek total 7,158 miles)

Walking + Bicycling: 1,204 miles (Trek total: 14,282 miles, 57.4% completed)

Average: 3.29 miles per day (Estimated year of completion: 2022)

Age: 66


Walking: 634 miles (Trek total: 6,630 miles)

Bicycling: 858 miles (Trek total 6,446 miles)

Walking + Bicycling: 1,492 miles (Trek total: 13,076 miles, 52.5% completed)

Average: 4.09 miles per day (Estimated year of completion: 2020)

Age: 65


Walking: 634 miles (Trek total: 5,996 miles)

Bicycling: 852 miles (Trek total 5,588 miles)

Walking + Bicycling: 1,486 miles (Trek total: 11,584 miles)

Average: 4.07 miles per day

Age: 64


Walking: 496 miles (Trek total: 5,362 miles)

Bicycling: 934 miles (Trek total 4,648 miles)

Walking + Bicycling: 1,430 miles (Trek total: 10,010 miles)

Average: 3.92 miles per day

Age: 63


Walking: 555 miles (Trek total: 4,866 miles)

Bicycling: 1,123 miles (Most miles bicycled in 1 year, Trek total 3,714 miles)

Walking + Bicycling: 1,678 miles (Most miles walked & bicycled in 1 year, Trek total: 8,580 miles)

Average: 4.60 miles per day

Age: 62

Previous Reports:

January 2017: Captain Rick achieves 76% of goal

January 2016: Captain Rick achieves 70% of goal

February 2015: Captain Rick achieves 64% of goal

October 2014: Captain Rick rides a 29″ Mongoose bike in final leg

January 2014: Captain Rick passes the 57% line

January 2013: Captain Rick passes the 50% line

  1. Ken Bosch says:

    Awesome job Rick. Keep active it’ll pay off. Someday I’ll tally all of the miles for my marathon running and post it. It won’t be around the world but it’s still a hell of a lot of miles. 🙂

    • atridim says:

      Hi Ken,
      Your words of kindness are sincerely appreciated.
      Please tally up your miles and post them in a comment below along with any goals you have set. Then stop back later and tell us how you are doing. It will help give everyone extra inspiration to set goals and keep them.
      Captain Rick

      • Kat Morgan says:

        I have HBP too and have to take pills which I hate to do..I need to exercise more , but I do control my diet because I have diabetes 2. I refuse to take pills for that because I already have to take pills to control my HBP. When I found out I had diabetes 2 , I completely changed my diet and went from 180 pounds to 140 pounds. Even though they say when you do that you might not be diabetic anymore I am still diabetic ..Something I will have to live with ..A life change yes and I will do what I need to do to make it happen one day I hope no more blood pressure pills but yet know I have to exercise more..Thanks for telling your story because I think it will work

  2. atridim says:

    Hi Kat,
    Thanks for sharing your story. Such is our battle. Hopefully thru this awareness, readers will take action at an earlier age. The earlier one begins taking care of their health, the better the chance of long range survival.
    Captain Rick

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