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A federal judge in Phoenix does NOT rule on a lawsuit to block Arizona’s new immigration law after hearing two hours of testimony.

Barring a ruling against the law, SB1070 is scheduled to go into effect July 29, 2010.

Based on my research of SB1070, I believe most of it is constitutional and that the federal judge will allow at least some of SB1070 to take effect. I am sure that the balance will be appealed by Arizona.
Captain Rick

I want to share some Arizona history about a great place that I have called home for over 14 years.  

On July 6, 2010 my Town of Gilbert, Arizona celebrated its 90th birthday.

It has grown from 500 residents when it was incorporated in 1920 (8 years after Arizona became a state) to over 220,000 today, the 7th largest city in Arizona.

I invite you to watch Gilberts 90th birthday celebration.

You will see some great images and hear some great testimony from citizens who have lived in Gilbert all or most of their lives, including one lady who is 96 years young.

You will hear testimony of what life was like in Arizona in the early days, when there was NO air conditioning in one of the hottest places on earth. 

The entire video is about 1 hour, 45 minutes long.

I have prepared the following index so that you can zoom in and watch the segments of interest.

Please set aside some time to watch. I promise that it will be worth your while! 

VIDEO INDEX by Minute:

08 Minute mark: Arizona Gov. Brewer wishes Gilbert a happy 90th birthday

13 Minute mark: A Gilbert Mayor in the 1970s gives a great historic look back of when Gilbert was incorporated on July 6, 1920, with just 500 citizens.

34 Minute mark: Original citizens of Gilbert tell their story of what it was like back in the old days of Gilbert. One is an original citizen that is 96 years young!

Listen to what life was like in Arizona, 90 years ago, when there was NO air conditioning.

1:34 Minute mark: Recognition of those who are celebrating their 90th birthday in Gilbert, Arizona

My compliments to the Gilbert Town Council and Gilbert Management and Staff for this extraordinary presentation!

Gilberts 90th birthday celebration


Captain Rick