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Captain Rick: I discovered a great commentary by a fellow WordPress journalist that offers a fresh and intelligent perspective of the growing friendship between Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu. While Obama’s support for Israel is waning, Israel is looking to Russia for increased security and its ability to act as a peacekeeper with Iran, which Russia has close ties with. Atridim News Journal has long viewed Vladimir Putin as one of the most intelligent leaders of the world. The commentary makes it apparent that Benjamin Netanyahu realizes that intelligence. I hope that the ‘Washington Clowns’ in DC and the news media start getting the real message and stop the ‘Putin Bashing’. I hope to see a future President Donald Trump become friends with Vladimir Putin and stop the Cold War that is rapidly growing between the U.S. and Russia. Ronald Reagan, who helped bring down the Berlin Wall, would love to see the Cold War replaced with peace and friendship between the two superpowers. I am pleased to reblog this excellent journalism by Jonathan Fenton-Harvey.

Jonathan Fenton-Harvey

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For the third time in less than a year, Benjamin Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin met face to face this week. Quite noteworthy, if one considers that Mr Netanyahu and Barack Obama have only met once in the same period. Nonetheless, both leaders engaged in a high-spirited encounter; the Washington Post even labelled the meeting as a ‘Bromance’. These negotiations were vital not just for Israel’s future, but for the stability of the Middle East.

Pressing issues were discussed between Mr Netanyahu and Mr Putin. Among them were the Israel-Palestine dispute, Israel’s counter-terrorism concerns – especially regarding Hezbollah, and economic ties between Russia and Israel.

No doubt this will bring a sigh of relief to many. After all, fears of a conflict intensified in April, when Israeli and Russian air-forces reportedly almost clashed over the disputed Golan Heights. This threat has evaporated. And with Israel still being a somewhat stranded nation…

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Captain Rick:  Click and Play the video below to get an excellent 3 minute summation of the world’s 5 Global Risks, each of which can completely change the global outlook. There are two in Europe, one in the Far East, one in the Middle East and one in the U.S. … the pending Fiscal Cliff … potentially the biggest global risk of them all. 3 Fiscal Cliff scenarios are discussed of which one is following the current course of doing nothing. This would cause a 4% contraction in GDP and cast the U.S. into Recession. For the first time in a very long time our kid’s generation would be worse off than ours. Two other scenarios are discussed that offer hope. The conversation includes a statement that a fix must include compromise of tax increases and entitlement cuts. Mathematically, the problem can’t be fixed by addressing one side only.  We are fortunate that we have a currency that everybody still wants, so we still have some time to get it right by enacting proper tax and entitlement reform. We just need politicians that are willing to compromise, which could be the most difficult job of all.