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Captain Rick : I am proud to announce 70% completion of my 1999 New Years resolution to walk/bicycle the equivalent of once around the world (25,000 miles) to combat high blood pressure. I hope to reach my goal in 2020.

In 1999, at age 52, I was diagnosed with HBP (High Blood Pressure), placing me at an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. My doctor urged me to develop a healthier diet (less fat, cholesterol, salt, sugar) and a daily exercise routine.

On New Years Eve in 1999, I made a resolution to begin eating healthy and walk a mile or more every day for exercise. It is a resolution that I have faithfully fulfilled over the many years since.

The death of my father from a heart attack a couple of years later fortified my resolution. I sharpened my diet and increased my exercise routine.

In 2005 I bought a bicycle and added a daily ride to my to my daily walking routine.

On New Years Eve, preceding 2006, I expanded my resolution to walk/bicycle the equivalent of once around the world … 25,000 miles. With only a few thousand miles logged, I knew this was a very tall resolution … but, it was a goal that I was bound and determined to achieve.

I logged my miles every day since the beginning of my trek in 2000. In 2009 I began publishing my progress. I did so to recognize my difficult achievement, but more importantly to remind me that I had a long way to go and to help give me strength to carry on … and to give courage to the many people who have HBP and ‘walk in my shoes’.


Captain Rick’s ‘Round-the-World’ Walking/Bicycling Trek Progress Report:

Goal status as of January 1, 2016

Completed Distance: 17,421 miles (28,036 km), 70.0% of Earth’s 24,901 mile circumference

Remaining Distance: 7,480 miles (12,038 km), 30.0% of Earth’s 24,901 mile circumference

Estimated year of World Trek completion at current rate of 4.41 miles per day: 2020

Annual Progress History:


Walking: 628 miles (Trek total: 8,399 miles)

Bicycling: 982 miles (Trek total 9,022 miles)

Walking + Bicycling: 1,610 miles (Trek total: 17,421 miles, 70.0% completed)

Average: 4.41 miles per day (Estimated year of World Trek completion: 2020)

Age: 68

Captain Rick’s entire progress report: Captain Ricks HBP World Trek

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