7000 lights with 3600 LEDs dancing to ‘Little Drummer Boy’ by Mannheim Steamroller adorn Captain Rick’s Oasis in Gilbert Arizona

Posted: December 21, 2017 in Captain Rick, Christmas Lights, Gilbert Arizona, Music, Video, YouTube Video Playlists
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Captain Rick: The holiday light and sound show at my desert oasis in Gilbert Arizona is always an enlightening experience. My 20th presentation includes 3600 LEDs dancing to ‘Little Drummer Boy’ by Mannheim Steamroller.


Click the above photo to view my 2017 light and sound show or …
View Captain Rick’s 2017 Holiday Sound and Light Show

Presentations of previous displays follow in the YouTube Playlist

How it works …
A ‘Holiday Brilliant Spectacular Light and Sound Show’ controller provides 3 channels of signals to my trees and shrubs, each wrapped in 3 bands of red-white-blue or white-multi-white, connected with 50 extension cords. The device accepts a SD card loaded with hours of favorite holiday songs. As it projects quiet music across the yard, a device receiver analyzes the audio and programs the controller to display 3 bands of lights on the plants and trees, resulting in an awesome sound and light show of 3600 LEDs dancing to the music.

Oasis Light Show History …
My Gilbert Oasis was the first in my HOA 20 years ago to present a holiday light show and has done so every year since. 2007 marked a record with 12,000 lights, requiring two 15 amp circuits running at maximum capacity. Addition of one more string of lights would blow a circuit breaker. Three years ago I began to replace older incandescent lights with energy efficient LEDs. They consume about 1/6 the power, are many times brighter and rarely need to have a light replaced. Over half of the lights in this years show are LEDs.

Setup and takedown …
In past years it would take 20 or 30 hours to install all of the lights and cords … and about half that time to take it all down. Having done this for 20 years, I have increased efficiency. Setup and takedown now requires about half the time, including the addition of the new light-music control equipment.

  1. Great Job, Rick. How far away are you from my house on Camlback and Hayden? I love these Christmas lights all around.

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  2. Duane Masbruch says:

    Rick, This is your cousin Duane. You are an amazing individual who seems to have led an interesting and exciting life. I regret that the cousins have not kept in closer contact through our lives. These light shows are phenomenal. Thanks for the work and the entertainment you provide through your web site all year long. Have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
    Duane and Jean

    • atridim says:

      Hi Duane and Jean, sincere thanks and appreciation for your words of kindness. They warm my heart. It is sad that cousins have not maintained closer contact … but I am glad you are onboard and following my blog. I appreciate your company very much. I have turned on the ‘welcome light’ for your future comments on my blog. They will go live immediately. When you have a chance, explore my blog via the tools at left. I am confident you will find some interesting stories among the hundreds of blog posts I have presented during the past decade. You are welcome to comment on every post. Check out my ‘about’ page at top. It will fill you in on a bit of my past including how I got my nickname ‘Captain Rick’.
      Stay tuned for many more interesting stories from my Gilbert Oasis, including more holiday light and sound shows featuring other famous singers and musicians … and soon I will be posting a special blog story on my rebirth of playing the keyboard. I will soon present my latest keyboard masterpiece … playing ‘How Great Thou Art’.
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
      Captain Rick

  3. Sarah E Wood says:

    WOW…..You have certainly outdone yourself this year. Each year the Christmas decorations are different but better and better. I love the music along with the lights. Don’t know how you can put it all together so well. The magic touch!!!

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