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Captain Rick: I love my town of Gilbert, Arizona, USA … the place I have called home for a long time. With a population of about a quarter million, one of America’s fastest growing cities, Gilbert is no longer the small town of 60,000 it was when I moved to Gilbert in 1997. Since then I have viewed every town council meeting to stay abreast of what is happening in Gilbert. That’s a lot of meetings, that required a lot of my time … time that I believe was well spent. I am one of Gilbert’s ‘eagles’ who keep a close eye on our Town Council to help guide our great community in the proper direction.

In mid 2011, I began my PROPER VOTE Scorecard to keep track of how Gilbert council members voted on controversial issues. I consider a PROPER VOTE to be one that is truly in the best interest of Gilbert citizens …  one that is fiscally responsible and free of politics and private agendas. In September 2012 I began reporting on each PROPER VOTE in separate blog entries. Many contain dialog with council members to gain their perspective to enhance citizen understanding.

Beginning with the newly seated council in January 2013, my PROPER VOTE Scorecard will include only the most important controversial issues…those involving a large expenditure of funds or significant public concern.

I present my Gilbert Town Council PROPER VOTE Scorecard below:
Gilbert Town Council

Gilbert Council PROPER VOTE Scorecard

2013 – 2014

Council member: Number of PROPER VOTES (Controversial Issues)*

Victor Petersen: 4 (a, b, c, d) *

Jared Taylor: 4 (a, b, c, d) *

Eddie Cook: 1 (b) *

Jordan Ray: 0 (-) *

Mayor John Lewis: 0 (-) *

Jenn Daniels: 0 (-) *

Ben Cooper: 0 (-) *

* Controversial Issues:

a: ___ Vote of ‘NO’ against approval of $12 Million expenditure for employee pay raises (3/7/13). Atridim News Journal Report: https://atridim.wordpress.com/2013/03/15/gilbert-town-council-votes-to-approve-13m-for-employee-raises-2-council-members-score-a-proper-vote-in-failed-effort-to-limit/

b: ___ Vote of ‘NO’ against approval of  $748,764 federal grant for the benefit of low/medium income people and to alleviate conditions of slum and blight (4/4/13). Atridim News Journal Report:  https://atridim.wordpress.com/2013/04/28/3-gilbert-arizona-councilmembers-achieve-proper-vote-award-to-stop-federal-grant-spending-that-grows-the-u-s-national-debt/

c: ___ Vote of ‘NO’ against adoption of  $466,461,200  final budget for fiscal year 7/2013 – 6/2014 (6/6/13): View guest commentaries:

Jared Taylor: https://atridim.wordpress.com/2013/07/05/jared-taylor-gilbert-missed-opportunity-to-continue-course-of-fiscal-responsibility-with-adoption-of-466-million-fy14-budget/

Victor Petersen: https://atridim.wordpress.com/2013/07/06/victor-petersen-gilberts-budget-represents-a-decrease-in-government-efficiency-by-spending-more-tax-dollars-per-citizen-where-spending-leads-taxes-must-follow/

d: ___ Vote of ‘NO’ against adoption of a development agreement with Saint Xavier University to build an 87,000 square foot, 4-story building on Gilbert Town property in the Heritage District. (11/7/13) 

The multi-million dollar cost of the building is proposed to be recouped from lease payments over many years. Lease payments appear to be less than fair market value, thus a subsidy paid for by taxes. If the agreement is terminated because of St. Xavier’s failure to perform, the university will pay the town only $250,000 in damages, a tiny reimbursement in comparison to the $ multi-million expense Gilbert tax payers will be on the hook for. The agreement has a familiar ‘ring’ that casts a reminder of a previous Gilbert development disaster…’Big League Dreams’.

Councilman Victor Petersen said he could not support taxpayer subsidies included in a below-market rent price. “This is really about whether you think a central body can plan an economy better or that the free market can. I think the fair market can.” Petersen said he wants to see fewer “special deals” for developers while reducing taxes and regulation to help “unleash the market.”

2011 – 2012

Council member: Number of PROPER VOTES (Controversial Issues)*
Victor Petersen: 31(a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y,z,1a,1b,1c,1d,1e)*
Eddie Cook: 15 (a,b,d,f,g,h,i,j,t,u,z,1a,1b,1d,1e)*
Jordan Ray: 13 (a,b,c,d,f,g,h,I,q,t,u,1a,1e)*
Mayor John Lewis: 7 (a,d,f,g,t,y,1e)*
Jenn Daniels: 7 (a,d,f,g,t,u,1e)*
Ben Cooper: 6 (d,f,g,t,y,1e)*
John Sentz: 2 (g,t)*
* Controversial Issues:
a: “YES” Vote for Fall-even year elections (8/18/11)
b: “NO” Vote for Dog Waste Digester (9/8/11)
c: “NO” Vote for one-time distribution to employees (12/8/11)
d: “YES” Vote for amendments to Gilbert Code for Meet & Confer (12/15/11)
e: “NO” Vote to extend current charity policy (2/9/12)
f: “YES” Vote to continue Power Road Alignment discussion until next meeting (2/23/12)
g: “NO” Vote to approve Chamber of Commerce $160,000 tourism proposal (2/23/12)
h: “NO” Vote to approve spending $330,000 on charity (2/23/12)
i: “NO” Vote to approve application for DHS grant for staffing fire and emergency response personnel (3/8/12)
j: “NO” Vote to approve continuance of Green Global Solar Negotiations (4/19/12)
k: “NO” Vote to approve Community Development Block Grant (5/3/12)
l: “NO” Vote to approve Memorandum of Understanding with the Gilbert Police Association (5/17/12)
m: “NO” Vote to approve Memorandum of Understanding with the Gilbert Fire Association (5/17/12)
n: “NO” Vote to approve IGA for Bus Service + Dial-a-ride (6/14/12)
o: “NO” Vote to approve $320,000 from the General Fund for Charity Programs (6/14/12)
p: “NO” Vote to approve use of Community Block Grant funds to hire a Housing Rehabilitation Specialist as a temp for 90 days (6/14/12)
q: “NO” Vote to approve extension judges contracts from 2 years to a max of 4 years. (6/14/12)
r:  “NO” Vote to approve use of Community Block Grant funds and HOME Investment Partnership funding(6/28/12)
s: “NO” Vote to approve use of General Funds for human services contracts with non-profit organizations (6/28/12)
t: “YES” Vote to approve General Plan Amendment from Shopping to Residential for a parcel behind Fry’s at Gilbert + Wm Fld. (6/28/12)
u: “NO” Vote to approve Light Pole Solar Facilities Agreement with Think Green Renewable Energy, LLC (8/2/12)
v: “NO” Vote to approve spending $50,000 to support the Gilbert Historical Society for one year ending June 30, 2013 (8/2/12)
w: “NO” Vote to approve reassignment of a CAP project contract terminated by CSA to CCCC (8/2/12)
x: “NO” Vote to approve addition of $62K Housing Rehabilitation Specialist position from grant money (8/2/12)
y: “NO” Vote to approve addition of $210,500 Town Attorney, Assistant Attorney and Legal Secretary (8/16/12)
z: “NO” Vote to approve Town position on League of Cities Resolution for local funding (8/16/12)
1a: “NO” Vote to approve application to use federal grant money for bike and pedestrian trails (9/6/12)
1b: “YES” Vote to approve elimination of special discount fee for non-profit use of facilities (9/6/12) https://atridim.wordpress.com/2012/09/23/gilbert-council-proper-vote-eliminate-special-discount-fee-structure-for-non-profit-use-of-facilities/
1c: “NO” Vote to approve advertising in utility bills (9/6/12)

View a list of all blog entries supporting this Gilbert PROPER VOTE Scorecard: https://atridim.wordpress.com/category/gilbert-council-proper-vote-scorecard/

Captain Rick
Gilbert’s ‘eagle eye’ on our Council since 1997
  1. This is a TERRIFIC site, and I would like to publish your scorecard on my own blog http://www.GilbertWatch.com. Are you keeping up with Gilbert Town Council votes now that Jared Taylor is on the Council, and John Sentz is gone?

    • atridim says:

      Hi Anita,
      Thanks for your kind words. I would be honored for you to publish the link to my Gilbert Council Scorecard on Gilbert Watch.
      I will be maintaining my Scorecard, however beginning with the newly seated council in 2013, I will only be reporting on the most important controversial issues…those involving a large expenditure of funds or significant public concern.
      Captain Rick

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