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Captain Rick’s ‘Round-the-World’ Walking/Bicycling Trek to combat HBP

In 1999, at age 52, I was diagnosed with HBP (High Blood Pressure), placing me at an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. My doctor urged me to develop a healthier diet (less fat, cholesterol, salt, sugar, alcohol) and a daily exercise routine.

On New Years Eve in 1999, I made a resolution to begin eating healthy and walk a mile or more every day for exercise. It is a resolution that I have faithfully fulfilled over the many years since.

The death of my father from a heart attack a couple of years later fortified my resolution. I sharpened my diet and increased my daily walking routine.

In 2005 I bought a bicycle and added a bike ride to my daily exercise routine.

On New Years Eve, preceding 2006, I expanded my resolution to walk/bicycle the equivalent of once around the world … 25,000 miles. With only a few thousand miles logged, I knew this was a very tall resolution that seemed endless and impossible … but, it was a goal that I was bound and determined to achieve.

I logged my miles every day since the beginning of my trek in 2000. In 2009 I began publishing my progress. I did so to recognize my difficult achievement, but more importantly to remind me that I had a long way to go and to help give me strength to carry on … and to give courage to the many people who have HBP and ‘walk in my shoes’. I am now in my second last year for completion of my 25,000 World Trek. What once seemed like an impossible, endless goal, is now just beyond a few more bends in the trail. I anticipate completion of my World Trek in 2020.

I have worn out about 20 sets of shoes walking 10,000+ miles during my World Trek, now in its 20th year. The best wearing set achieved 767 miles. They were inexpensive Dr. Scholl’s. Several expensive shoes wore out in less than 200 miles, proving that cost does not equal endurance. The expensive shoes also proved to be among the least comfortable. The shoe heels and soles are usually the first to fail. I am currently rotating 6 sets of shoes ranging from almost new to over 200 miles so my feet experience varying levels of newness and mileage each day. I add a new set of shoes to the rotation every 50 miles. The 4 newest sets of shoes are Wolverines purchased at DSW for about $60. I found them to offer the best comfort and wear, regardless of cost. The oldest set has almost 200 miles and still feels like new. The heels and soles show little wear. I install Dr. Scholl’s Double Air-Pillo Insoles in every new set of shoes and replace them every 100 miles. They increase comfort and reduce wear on the heels and soles of the shoes.

I have worn out 2 bicycles and many sets of tires, biking 11,000+ miles during my World Trek so far. My third bicycle, a 29” Mongoose Ledge 3.1, already has 4000 miles on it and still rides like new on its second set of tires … FlackJacket Hardrock’rs. I LOVE riding my Mongoose.


Photo of my 29″ Mongoose when it was new … 4000 miles ago

People have asked me how I am going to celebrate the crossing the finish line of my 25,000 mile World Trek in 2020. I tell them … “if I am fortunate to make it, the next mile I walk or bike will be the first mile of my next World Trek.”

View Annual Log of Captain Rick’s HBP World Trek

Captain Rick: I now ride a new 29” Mongoose bicycle. It replaces my previous 26” NEXT, which served me well for 5052 miles along my 25,000 mile “Round-the-World Trek” to battle high blood pressure. It all began as a New Years resolution way back on 1/1/2000, at age 52, to exercise for heart health and help lower the high blood pressure that I was diagnosed with. I started walking several miles a day…every day. In 2005, I purchased a bicycle to compliment my walking. Somewhere in the process I raised my goal to achieve the equivalent of walking/bicycling once around the world (25,000 miles). I continue to enjoy a daily 2 mile walk and 3 mile bicycle ride almost every day. I am in the final leg of my journey and hope to reach the finish line sometime in the early 2020s when I am in my mid 70s. My greatest desire is that this blog post will inspire others to make a commitment to exercise for heart health.


Click above image to view it in HDTV format via Captain Rick’s Flickr Photostream


Click above image to view it in HDTV format via Captain Rick’s Flickr Photostream

Features of the Mongoose 29” Ledge 3.1 Mountain Bike

  • Light weight aluminum frame and alloy rims
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Front disk brake, rear shoe brake
  • 21 speed Shimano derailleur
  • SRAM front/rear twist shifters 
  • Front quick-disconnect tire

Riding a 29” is an entirely new bicycling experience

I am amazed at the difference 3” in wheel diameter makes. Every time its wheels go around , the bike travels nearly a foot farther than a 26”. There is something about the ride that makes it feel like I am riding a big ‘machine’…rather than just a bicycle. Mongoose has done an excellent job producing this great ‘riding machine’.


Made by Pacific Cycle, which is owned by Dorel Industries, Mongoose has been around since 1974 and is one of the world’s top bicycle manufacturers. Its line of bikes includes BMX, comfort, hybrid, mountain, and road bikes. Available in specialty bike shops, sporting goods stores, and mass-market stores, the bikes range in price from $300 to $350 for comfort bikes, $280 to $800 for mountain bikes, and $2,700 for its road-bike model.

Update on Captain Rick’s 25,000 Mile Round-the-World Walking/Biking Trek to combat HBP

Each New Years, the anniversary of my bold 2000 resolution to walk/bicycle the equivalent of once around the world, I update my accomplishment stats on this special page on the Atridim News Journal menu:
Captain Ricks HBP World Trek

On January 1, 2014, I achieved the 57.4% of my goal (14,282 miles). I am please to report continued good progress during 2014. I will report the new totals on the above page shortly after 1/1/2015. Until then, I will be walking on…and riding a new 29” Mongoose.

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