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Captain Rick: I want to share excellent journalism from a fellow journalist on WordPress. Its about ‘Brexit’ and the European Union.

Jonathan Fenton-Harvey


Many of those lauding the European Union do still manage to find fault with it. This can be from its treatment of Greece, to the crony corporatism that flourishes within its protection. Yet these profoundly detrimental attributes will be ignored by those who want to remain; instead, they will focus on heaping praise onto how important the EU is in that it unites us, promotes peace, and prevents a possible war.

Yet to see through this grave misconception, consider the concept of the European Union for a minute. The name itself speaks volumes: ‘European Union’. When broken down, it’s essentially a body that encloses the European nations together, forces them to integrate, and unites the people within it.

Clearly yes, it does unite Europe. But what of the rest of the world?

Think about the situation with Russia. The EU has recently announced that it will place further sanctions on…

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