Captain Rick of Atridim News Journal …among the first journalists to project Donald Trump as President of the U.S.

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Captain Rick: It was shortly after Donald Trump announced his run for president that I knew in my heart he was going to go all the way. I sensed the strong movement among Americans who longed to ‘Make America Great Again’ way back when FAKE NEWS and the GOP were fast asleep, content with the political cancer in DC.

Unlike todays FAKE NEWS journalists who mostly communicate via social media … Captain Rick, a REAL NEWS journalist actually walked the streets and trails to talk face-to-face with real people to find out how they were thinking and feeling. That is why Captain Rick knew that a revolution was brewing in America. That revolution thrust Trump into the White House and shocked FAKE NEWS and the GOP. It is time for the GOP to learn from its mistakes and promote the election of candidates who support the Trump movement towards Making America Great Again.


This Atridim News Journal blog on WordPress is accompanied by its companion Atridim News Journal blog on Facebook. It was there in early 2016 that Captain Rick began publishing weekly projections of how the large field of presidential candidates ranked. Looking back, Captain Rick called all of the rankings with perfection, while FAKE NEWS got it all so wrong, week after week. Its all on record for the world to review on ANJ on Facebook. A window is provided in the left column that shows ANJ blog posts on Facebook. Helpful info links are presented below.

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  1. Sigrid Egan says:

    I had the same feeling and cannot explain why. But then, what I was thinking, this country, the great US of A, needed to be run like a business and it had been run by amateurs. Donald Trump, love him or hate him, knew just that and we, in America, could really do with a president, who was not a lawyer, who twists and turns reality any which way. We certainly had been experiencing that in the last 8 years.

    Barrack Hussein Obama, a lawyer by profession or rather by schooling, who didn’t make it far, became a Community Organizer in Chicago. How that was ever a pre-requisite for a president of the United States is still befuddling to me. The liberals aka Democrats, who share our country, but not our ideology, went all over him and I think, mainly, because he was black. The first black president in America, a country, that was once ridden by racism, slavery, the latter fostered by Democrats. Half of the Country was in love with Obama,no matter what he did or not do. He was the second Christ, so it seemed. I still cannot understand, how and why.
    The other half felt very different, when Donald Trump came along, the boisterous, outspoken, tweeting Billionaire.
    Suddenly, I became more interested in politics as I had ever before. I followed the media, most of whom partisan, one the side of liberal America, with all their attacks and made-up news about Donald Trump. I also got the idea that Trump could actually win, when a great number of people, who commented on a number of my postings on various social media sites, were Trump supporters.

    It grew and grew over the 18 months of campaigns. Donald Trump had actually a message, could speak to the people not at or over the people. There was suddenly some hope. He literally worked his way through the working population and when the evening of the results slowly dripped in, it became more and more apparent, that Donald Trump would probably be our next, the 45th President of the United States. And he did!On the morning of November 9, we were relieved to hear the news. He had made it. He had beaten Hillary Clinton. What an insult to the Democrats to the Clintons, who always painted a picture of being the only Party for the people, for social justice, for the women, to possibly get someone like THAT. The unthinkable had happened. Donald Trump had won according to the American electoral system, 306 votes in total. How dare we, people, not all having supported Hillary Clinton. Didn’t the Clintons be entitled to a presidency? How could they not be the heir of Obama’s government? I am still a supporter and sincerely hope that President Trump will beat the odds or rather the obstructive forces of the liberals aka Democrats, the shadow government of Obama, supported by billionaire George Soros and anybody against him.

    • atridim says:

      Sigrid, sincere thanks and appreciation for your outstanding comment that was stated with excellence.

      • Richard Forscutt says:

        I congratulate you on making that prediction. When he first announced his candidacy and made the comment on Mc Cain, I thought the media was going to eat him for dinner. I also thought that Jeb Bush was going to buy the nomination and that the money was going to influence the Republican vote. I am pleasantly surprised that he won the nomination. I hope he can get all of the Republicans together to vote for the health care bill that at least partially repeals Obamacare. We are in unchartered waters. Can Trump rebuild the military to fight Islam that wants to destroy us, balance the budget and start reducing the national debt, and secure the border and get rid of illegal aliens from the U.S. and make English the official language? Can he do all of this (make America great again) and wage an all out war against the liberal establishment that basically controls the media and academia (brainwashing the kids) before the liberal establishment destroys him and gets the American people to vote for a Democrat congress in 2018 and a Democrat President in 2020.

      • atridim says:

        Richard, sincere thanks and appreciation for your comments and great questions. I hope Trump can weather the storm and win the battle to Make America Great Again.

  2. Sigrid Egan says:

    Going again through a number of your posts, Rick, I’d like to comment on this one from March of this year. I am very happy and proud that I # 1 could see Donald Trump’s potential for president and #2 even happier to realize that we, the “basket of deplorables” made the right choice in voting for him.

    He, Trump, is someone that unlike very few past presidents, had the knowledge and experience of “running a business”, delegating work, trusting his “employees”, being involved in hiring and firing, all of which makes for a good leader.

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