Melania Trump . . . America’s new First Lady

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Melania Trump is the kind of First Lady that America has been deprived of for far too long. Despite being married to the most controversial presidential candidate in American history, Melania Trump remains an enigma. Although the famous former model seems to have it all, Melania’s testimony tells the story of someone who’s struggled against all odds – and overcame.


Melania Trump has graced the covers of the most prestigious fashion industry magazines. But like many Americans today, Melania’s success was the result of a courageous work ethic and humble beginnings.

Melanija Knavs was born on April 26, 1970 in the small Slovenian railroad town of Sevnica – long before she changed the spelling of her name to pursue a modeling career. Despite the struggles many Slovenians faced during the country’s Communist times, the Knavses worked extremely hard to give their children a positive upbringing.

Melania’s mother, Amalija Ulcnik, worked developing patterns at a factory that manufactured children’s clothing. She had met Viktor Knavs in 1966 who worked as a chauffeur for a nearby town’s mayor. They instilled Melania and her sister with conservative values such as putting family first and having exceptional work ethic. "I love my childhood. It was a beautiful childhood," Melania said. Her son, Barron (10), speaks Slovenian fluently and uses it to speak with his grandparents, who now live near the Trumps in New York at Trump Tower.
Melania’s father left his job as a chauffeur to become a salesman at a state-owned car company in Ljubljana, Slovenia and found his family an apartment there – all to provide his children with exceptional education opportunities with their new prestigious address.

Amalija’s career as a seamstress had a profound impact on Melania. Once Melania learned to draw, she would sketch her own designs, and her mother or sister, Ines, would sew them. Melania also made her own jewelry.
Amalija spent evenings after work sewing clothing for herself and her two daughters. Instead of wearing clothes from the store, the Knavses designed and sewed every thing they wore. Melania’s childhood friends remember her always being dressed elegantly and carrying herself with confidence – there was always something striking about her.

Melania’s modeling career began when she was 16-years-old at a modeling contest when she attracted the attention of photographer Stane Jerko, whose test photos of the breathtaking teenager resulted in her signing with a modeling agency in Milan.

Despite her success as a model, Melania’s goal was to become a designer. So she applied to the School of Architecture at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, becoming one of the few to pass the school’s notoriously difficult entrance exams.

While pursuing her degree in design and architecture, Melania remained focused in school. She didn’t drink, or party, nor did she smoke. Even with the temptations surrounding her as a college student and successful model, Melania lived a quiet homebound life. "She kept to herself, she was a loner. After a shoot or a catwalk, she went home, not out. She didn’t want to waste time partying," Jerko remembers.

After obtaining a degree in design and architecture at the University of Ljubljana, Melania was jetting between photo shoots in Paris and Milan – but Melania had even bigger dreams. Melania knew that if she wanted to achieve her goals she would have to move to America.

Melania finally made it to New York in 1996 after landing an American modeling contract – but nothing could prepare for the struggles that were down the road.

Shortly after she began pursuing her modeling dreams in America, Melania struggled to find work because she was considered "too old." The modeling industry isn’t friendly to models once they hit their later twenties, and at just 26-years-old, Melania was worried her best days were already behind her.

Melania went to castings every day, but photographers continued picking someone else over her, and often someone younger. She was having a difficult time supporting herself, and endured the challenging season while being overseas, away from her tight-knit family back in Slovenia.

Eventually, Melania got her "big break" and it wasn’t long before she graced the magazines covers of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, British GQ, In Style, New York Magazine, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Allure, Self, Glamour, Vanity Fair, and Elle. But nothing could prepare her for the life-changing experience she would eventually encounter during her thriving modeling career…

While at a party during the New York Fashion Week in the fall of 1998, Melania met Donald Trump. She was a tall, shy brunette at just 28-years-old – while Trump was a brash 52-year-old real estate mogul.
"I didn’t know much about Donald Trump," she says of their first encounter. "I had my life, I had my world. I didn’t follow Donald Trump and what kind of life he had."

Although Trump attended the party with a date, he was instinctively drawn to Melania. When Trump’s date went to the bathroom, he seized the opportunity to chat for a few minutes with the Slovenian model he’d noticed.
Unlike the women who swooned every time the famous billionaire approached them, Melania remained unimpressed. When Trump asked for her number, she refused and instead asked for his contact information – she didn’t want to be just another woman he called, and she waited an entire week before calling him. Melania was curious to see if Trump would submit a business number. "I wanted to see what his intention is," she explains. "It tells you a lot from the man what kind of number he gives you. He gave me all of his numbers."

Melania’s confidence and shocking reaction to the wealthy playboy made Trump even more attracted to her. Trump could tell Melania was beautiful AND intelligent, and he was willing to do whatever it took to win the woman of his dreams. "I’m not starstruck," she explains. "We had a great connection, we had great chemistry, but I was not starstruck. And maybe he noticed that."

Many are quick to criticize Donald and Melania’s marriage due to their age difference, but after learning more about Melania – it’s easy to understand that these two were made for each other. Melania’s reserved personality and traditional values balance Trump’s assertive personality and controversial behavior.

Melania’s traditional values can be seen in her absence from Trump’s campaign trail. Instead of being on the road with her husband, Melania chose to be at home in New York City to raise their 10-year-old son, Barron.
Despite the Trumps’ luxurious lifestyle, Melania refuses to let their son be raised by a nanny. "It’s my choice not to be there [on the campaign trail]," Melania said. "I support my husband 100 percent, but … we have a 10-year-old son together, Barron, and I’m raising him." "This is the age he needs a parent at home," she added.

When Donald Trump told his wife he wanted to run for president, Melania said they discussed it in depth and she encouraged him to run. "I encouraged him because I know what he will do and what he can do for America," she said. "He loves the American people and he wants to help them."

Although she’s not out on the campaign trail, Melania stays involved in her husband’s campaign behind-the-scenes. "She’s told me a couple of times during the debate, she was very happy with my performances, if you would want to call them a performance," Donald Trump said. "But she said, ‘You could tone it down a little bit on occasion,’ which I understand."

Melania revealed the biggest untruth about her husband is the perception that he’s "nasty." "He’s not," Melania said. "He has a big heart and a very warm heart. You see who he is on the campaign trail all the time and on television, and I think – you know America needs a strong leader and a tough leader and he knows what he’s doing." "He is who he is," she says. "Even if you give him advice, he will maybe take it in, but then he will do it the way he wants to do it. You cannot change a person. Let them be. Let them be the way they are."

Melania’s passion for philanthropy are just a glimpse of the difference she could make as our First Lady. Some of the philanthropic causes she’s been involved with include the Martha Graham Dance Company, the Police Athletic League, the Boys Club of New York, The American Red Cross and Love Our Children USA.

Though she may not have experience in politics, Melania Trump is equipped to help her husband out on the diplomatic front: in addition to her native Slovenian, Melania speaks four other languages: English, French, Serbian and German. "She’s an incredible mother, she loves her son, Barron, so much. And I have to say, she will make an unbelievable First Lady," Donald Trump said.

Melania Trump’s life story is a vivid illustration of the American dream. Her humble roots, exceptional work ethic, and devotion to family clearly sets her apart.

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  3. […] via Melania Trump . . . America’s new First Lady — Atridim News Journal […]

  4. Rebecca says:

    What an excellent and informative article. I admire Melania very much. Thank you!

  5. Sigrid Egan says:

    I have further researched Melania Trump’s background in the German search engines since we, in Germany and Austria were closest to the former Yugoslavia, which existed during my 38 years living in my home country. They are most likely more accurate than our news here, who will pick up anything negative about the Trump family. Melanja Knavs (the Slovenian name), later changed to Melania Knauss, which would be the German equivalent, is loved in her hometown for her achievements and her kind nature and so is her family. Her life was certainly aggravated by the fact that Yugoslavia was under communist reign until 1998; Melania was born in 1970. What I found from people in her town and country is that they had only positive things to say. She was a very hard worker, focused on her goals and, while she did not get a degree in architecture and design, she attended a Design College in Llubliana, capitol of now Slovenia, for one year, then quit in favor of pursuing her modeling a career. She lived in various European countries and speaks the languages aside from her mother tongue slovenian and serb-croatian (6 in total).The rest is history. Further more, the questions about her having been here or entering the country illegally is nonsense. She came on a B1 student visa, which usually is good for 2 years, into the US, something that is available to every student around the world. I have not found the time lapse between the expiration of her B1 visa and her actual resident visa if there is one. Here is how you can do this: 1. You deposit a large amount into a US bank (in the seventies that was about $ 45,0000), that buys you a green card, 2. you have a wealthy sponsor, which could be an employer 3. You marry. 5 years, after being married, one can apply for citizenship. There is certainly much more to admire about Melania, than there ever was about Michelle Obama, who has along with her husband apologized for imperialistic America here and abroad and divided this country to an unimaginable extent, not mention the re-introduction to racism. Melania grew up in a communist country and knows what it means to be free, free to speak, free to follow your dream and reach it. I will post separately some of the German sites about Melania.

    • atridim says:

      Hi Sigrid,
      Sincere thanks and appreciation for your outstanding comment on my Melania Trump post. You have now been approved to comment at will on any Atridim News Journal post. I look forward to your important voice joining Captain Rick’s.

  6. Sigrid Egan says:

    And today, Donald J. Trump was elected by the electorates in great numbers again. And this classy lady, Melania, will make a superb First Lady of the 45th President. Congratulations to all of us, who believed that Donald Trump could make a real change.

  7. atridim says:

    Thinking back upon this post one year later … Perhaps America would be in better ‘hands’ if Donald curbed his tweets and comments and let Melania project a voice of greater wisdom.

  8. I am still supporting my opinion on Melania Trump from 2016 during the presidential election campaign. She is an elegant woman, who speaks many languages (although with an accent, that liberals have made fun of – because most of them probably don’t speak other languages) . She is certainly a change in first ladies of the last 8 years e.g. Michelle Obama, who was black, hated America, hates white people and spent taxpayers’ money indiscriminately, had a great advantage in today’s America, in spite of how the liberal media wants to make Michelle look. Although the media and liberals in America are always embracing immigrants, it does not apply to Melania, the Slovenian woman? Her huge mistake is to have married Donald J. Trump, who on top of his amassed wealth through real work, became president. Therefore, praising the first lady, Melania, is just not politically correct in the liberal bubble, upside-down world of Democrats.

    To come to your point, Rick, on whether or not Trump would be better off leaving diplomacy to his wife or alter tweets: While some of Trump’s tweets are unnecessary, counter-productive and offensive to the liberals, I don’t have a great problem with, simply because of the relentless dressing-down, outright insults of this president.
    Donald Trump is definitely a different leader than we have ever had in America and that is why he won the presidency. More than half of the American people or at least the majority of the electorate were tired of the bullshit of the past 8 years and the failed politics of Obama. I don’t think the so-called main-stream media would stop to attack our President, even if he were speaking or acting like other presidents before him and totally politically correct always. They would still be negative every hour of the day, every day of the week, every month of the year and until the next presidential election in 2020. I personally do not believe that the Democratic Party with their constant negativity and obstruction will do themselves a favor. Their Party is in total disarray and a Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer cannot make it any better.
    I believe that Donald Trump is going to win again. Working people are getting tired of the bickering and constant attack on this administration, find something totally banal on anything President Trump does or says or tweets. I do believe that Melania is a great asset in the White House, probably, on more issues than we, outside the “Mansion”, will ever know.

    • atridim says:

      Thanks for your comment.

    • atridim says:

      Trump is definitely a different leader. That bold difference got him elected … but a majority of those who voted for that difference are now thinking that he has left them down big time. I am one of that majority. I think Trumps accomplishments to date could almost be summed up as a ‘JOKE’. For me it all started with his SUPER STUPID political move dropping 50+ cruise missiles on a Russian financed base in Syria with near ZERO cause. Each cruise missile costs $1.5 Million, not including the enormous launch costs. That fiasco cost US tax payers about a quarter of a billion dollars and accomplished NOTHING except to piss off Putin, whom I think is one of the most intelligent leaders of our world … far more intelligent than Trump.

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