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Captain Rick: Historic US Election Upset. Trump wins by a landslide, when MSM (Main Stream Media) and US polls predicted the opposite. US Polls and News Media were SO WRONG! Their credibility has sunken to ZERO!
The following report is authored by a fellow WordPress journalist based in the UK.

Jonathan Fenton-Harvey


The world is still in a state of bewilderment. Trump’s shock victory as President baffled both the people absorbing Mainstream Media polls, and those behind Big Media themselves. Clearly many were oblivious to the subtle influence that alternative media had on individuals across the United States. Of course, much of this exposed the Clinton campaign, which increased hatred towards her, and led to proliferation of anti-establishment rhetoric in general.

Yet social media played a huge part in this. Various outlets, especially Facebook, acted as a safe haven for various non-Western MSM outlets to flourish. They have now dethroned the mass media corporations that played a gigantic role in influencing public thought for over a century. But with the political establishment of America and Europe being repeatedly exposed, and the mainstream media being revealed as its mouthpiece, the public are increasingly seeking information elsewhere. Numerous polls in the United States show…

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