East Valley News Net … a great site in Arizona that everyone in our world can look up to

Posted: July 22, 2014 in Arizona
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Captain Rick: Our world works much better…when we work together. East Valley News Net presents a header for Atridim News Journal which provides links to the previous 6 ANJ posts.

I sincerely appreciate East Valley News Net. I return the kindness by installing East Valley News Net as a trusted resource for quality information as an Atridim News Journal Resource…presented on the ANJ menu bar.


Click the image link above to view the East Valley News Net homepage.

Words of excellence from the editor of EVNN
The primary purpose of the East Valley News Net is to give a broader audience to local independent investigative reporters like Atridim News Journal, Gilbert Watch, Westie Connect, Howards Goodyear Blog, S.H.I.E.L.D., The Education Action Network and many many more. We believe that we can do and end run around the establishment media and present information which they miss or simply choose to ignore. It is our strong belief that through independent news gathering distributed through various information sharing mediums, like social media, we can win the information war and win back our freedom.
For Liberty, Harry Mathews – Editor EVNN

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  1. Thanks for the plug Rick!

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