Captain Rick seeks the grandest 4th of July Fireworks Finale…Nashville Tennessee 2012 currently holds the lead

Posted: July 4, 2014 in Fireworks, United States
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Captain Rick: I love fireworks on the 4th of July. I seek the world’s grandest fireworks finales for presentation in Captain Rick’s YouTube ‘4th of July Celebration’ playlist: The fireworks finale in Nashville Tennessee in 2012 currently holds first place as presented below:


Click image above or:

I have personally witnessed 4th fireworks finales in many large cities across America during the past half century. The only one that came close to the awesome power of the Nashville finale was the 1999 ‘Fabulous Fourth’ display in downtown Phoenix, which I witnessed from a block from ground zero. It was the greatest experience of ‘power’ that I have every witnessed, second only to a Space Shuttle launch in the early 80’s.

The 2012 Nashville finale was more massive and lasted considerably longer. I would have loved to have witnessed it in person from near ground zero. Fortunately we now have high definition video. The Nashville Finale is viewable in full screen 1080 HD with HD sound. Watch it full screen on your HDTV or HD widescreen monitor with the sound cranked way up. If you have a Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound…its even more realistic…almost like being at ground zero.

If you have witnessed a 4th of July fireworks finale, or have viewed one on YouTube, that is as great as the one presented above, please comment below with a link to it for consideration to be added to Captain Rick’s ‘4th of July Celebration’ YouTube playlist…which will grow to become the world’s grandest collection of fireworks finales.

I present a video I shot of the 1999 Phoenix ‘Fabulous Fourth’ fireworks finale along with some interesting dialog in comments for this post.

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  1. atridim says:

    My first view of ‘Fabulous 4th’ in downtown Phoenix at Wesley Bolan Plaza was 1996 (being a newcomer, I headed the wrong way back to my car…west into a bad section of town). Second was 1997 (Alabama put on a great performance). Third was 1998 (great show of 2400 fireworks, but the finale was a dud). Fourth was 1999 (viewed from Jackson Street & 15th Street, less than a block from the ground zero launch site). Next to watching a Space Shuttle launch in the early 80s, it was the most awesome display of power I have ever experienced. The last 4th display in downtown Phoenix was 2002. I did not see any of the last 3 years, but judging from watching on TV, 1999 was the best ever. In 2003, the Phoenix fireworks were moved north to a park at Central and Indian School. The quality of the shows there have not measured up to 1999. In 2001 and 2003 I watched the Tempe display from Town Lake. Nice shows, but they could not ‘hold a candle’ to the 1999 show in downtown Phoenix.

  2. atridim says:

    After reading my previous comment, I welcome you to witness my experience watching the Phoenix Fabulous 4th fireworks 1999 finale from ground zero. Next to watching a Space Shuttle launch in the 80s, it was the most awesome display of power I have ever witnessed. There was no digital back in 1999. I captured this on camcorder video tape and transcribed to digital at a very low quality resolution of 240…but the sound is pretty good. It will give you a tiny glimpse of a night in Phoenix that was forever ‘burned’ into my memory.

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