Gilbert … a great site in Arizona … that everyone in our world can look up to

Posted: June 29, 2014 in Arizona, Gilbert Arizona, Gilbert Council PROPER VOTE Scorecard, Local Government
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Captain Rick: Once in a while I come across a website that is worthy of my recognition and promotion. Such is the case with Its publisher, Anita Christy, works endlessly for no pay, like me, to convey important information. Anita…this is a tribute to you and the great service that you provide to many in Gilbert, Arizona and beyond.


Click the image link above to view a Gilbert Watch report that features Atridim News Journal and its Gilbert Council Scorecard. From it you can access the entire Gilbert Watch site. I appreciate Atridim News Journal being listed as a resource on the Gilbert Watch ‘Resources’ menu

ATRIDIM NEWS JOURNAL introduces a new page…Resources

I created this page as means to appreciate and recognize blog sites that are outstanding in excellence…especially those that promote ATRIDIM NEWS JOURNAL by reblogging ANJ posts or presenting links to ANJ. The world works so much better when we all work together. I am pleased to present Gilbert Watch as ATRIDIM NEWS JOURNAL’s first resource.

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Gilbert Arizona

Gilbert Council Scorecard

Gilbert Town Council Reports

  1. Anita Christy says:

    Thanks Captain! It’s very thoughtful of you to write this. I know that neither of us do our work for “pay.” We are simply fighting with many others, who receive no recognition, to save our Republic. Anita

    • atridim says:

      Thanks for your words of kindness and your excellence in contributions you provide to ‘save our Republic’. You have been recognized!
      Captain Rick

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