10,000 Hits on Atridim News Journal

Posted: June 24, 2014 in Atridim, Captain Rick
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Captain Rick: 10,000 Hits…a new milestone for my blog…Atridim News Journal. If each of those hits were worth one dollar, it would look like this…


To me, the 10,000 hits received are worth much more. I sincerely appreciate each and every hit…including those by people in more than 50 countries…and especially from the 100+ who follow my blog.

I began this blog in May 2010. My original words included:

“I have an interest in news, economy, government, photography and much more. I enjoy writing about them to share with you. I will be commenting on news of interest from my town of Gilbert, my state of Arizona,  my country of the USA and the world. I hope you will join in our conversation.” 

My blog remained with few posts, due to a lack of ‘guts’, until September 2012, when my late friend Bill Whitney, who was battling cancer, gave me the courage to blog.

I invited Bill to tell the story of his journey battling cancer on a blog I would create for him. I told him that it would be great therapy for him and help many who ‘walk in his shoes’. After several months of procrastination, he agreed. In August of 2012 he began telling the story of his journey…word by gripping word. His courage led me to energize my blog in September 2012.

Atridim News Journal reached 5000 hits in August 2013, over 3 years since the first blog post…and another 5000 in the past 10 months. Captain Rick appreciates his viewers and followers.

The remarkable increase in viewing stats of over 5000 in the past 10 months, tells me I am doing things right and makes me want to continue to do my best to present good blog material. It also helps me appreciate everyone who has viewed my blog…and especially those who follow my blog…and special appreciation for my late friend Bill who gave me the inspiration to blog. Captain Rick presents a humble ‘Thank You’ to all.

I welcome your comments, likes, shares and following of my blog! (If not visible, click the red title above)


Atridim News Journal celebrates 5000 Hits

About Captain Rick … Atridimincluding how he got his nickname and passion for photography and journalism


Captain Rick

Photography by Captain Rick

Bill Whitney’s ‘C Word Journey’





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