Maricopa County GOP Straw Poll yields surprises

Posted: June 8, 2014 in Arizona, Arizona Elections, State Government
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Captain Rick: A Straw Poll in Arizona surprisingly places Andrew Thomas in first place…well ahead of the rest of the Republican contenders…in the race for Governor.
Former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas has filed nominating petitions to get on the Republican ballot as a governor’s candidate in the August 26 primary.
Thomas filed nearly twice the required number of signatures Thursday needed to qualify for the ballot. He also turned in more than enough $5 contributions to qualify for more than $750,000 in public funding for his primary bid.
Thomas promised to crack down on illegal immigration. He touted his success in doing that during his tenure as a prosecutor.

Seeing Red AZ

An unannounced straw poll was conducted Thursday evening at the Executive Guidance Committee meeting of the Maricopa County Republican Committee. The EGC is composed of 30 members, including 20 District Chairmen, 5 members-at-large and 5 officers. Republican guests can attend and cast ballots. In total, 40 people were eligible to vote.

County Chairman A. J. LaFaro announced the results of the “no advance notice” poll on statewide candidates:


Andrew Thomas: 16

Ken Bennett:   7

Frank Riggs:   7

Doug Ducey:  5

Christine Jones:  2

Scott Smith: …

Al Melvin:     …

U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon, not in the governor’s race, garnered a single write-in vote.


Wil Cardon:  19

Justin Pierce: 15

Michele Reagan: 4


Mark Brnovich: 19

Tom Horne:  17


Jeff DeWit:  26

Randy Pullen:   9

Hugh Hallman:  4


Diane Douglas:  35

John Huppenthal:  4


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  1. atridim says:

    It was ‘music to my ear’ when I learned that Andrew Thomas was on the ballot for Arizona Governor…contending against a big pack of usual politicians. In my opinion, Andrew is a candidate who has the proper ‘stuff’ to make a great Arizona Governor.

  2. American says:

    What is his opinion on Common Core? Riggs is the only candidate speaking out against it as far as i an see

    • atridim says:

      Hi American, thanks for your comment.
      I do not know what Andrew’s stand on Common Core is. I suspect he is against it. While I despise Common Core, which is striving to make our kids even dumber than they already are…among the dumbest in the world…
      I see far more important issues facing Arizona…like survival as a ‘Red’ state. I think Andrew is the best candidate to help stop the bleeding of ‘Red’…rapidly turning into ‘Blue’. Arizona was once the reddest state in America…recalling the days of Barry Goldwater. Arizona is now on the verge of turning blue…perhaps in 2016. I see Andrew as a crusader to slow the color turn. Should he fail to obtain the primary vote, Riggs would be my next choice…but I seriously doubt he has the stamina to fight off the big business/government politicians. I would not vote for Ducey or Bennett as they are for eliminating the state income tax…which would be a terrible mistake…shifting the tax burden to sales tax…which would hit retired people like me the hardest.

      • Nancy says:

        I think Common Core is a VITAL issue. Our state has given up its sovereign right to choose what is best for our children. If we don’t teach our children with conservative values, morals, how to be critical thinkers, and true history (not the revisionist kind), it won’t matter in the long run. Common Core will, through the social programming in the curriculum, turn our children into willing participants in their social agenda. Turning blue is a problem for sure… but we have to know that if we don’t stop the assault we have on our country right now (including education) there will be huge problems in the not so distant future.

  3. atridim says:

    Hi Nancy, thanks for your comment.
    Captain Rick

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