Arizona Bottle Brush

Posted: April 19, 2014 in Photography by Atridim
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Captain Rick: Callistemon species are commonly referred to as bottlebrushes because of their cylindrical, brush like flowers resembling a traditional bottle brush. They are evergreen desert shrubs that flower in the spring and summer. Bottlebrush bushes take full sun and are somewhat drought-tolerant. The blooms are brilliant red.

A beautiful bottle brush captured in full bloom at my Oasis in Gilbert, Arizona …   


Click the photo to enjoy it larger and in high definition on my Flickr Photostream

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  1. Sandi Bartlett says:

    Beautiful photo Captain Rick. Our Little John bushes have bloomed more this year than in the 8 years we have been here. Will send photos.

  2. Sarah says:

    Love the beautiful red color!!

  3. atridim says:

    I forgot to mention that the Callistemon is originally from Australia.
    I received these words via Flickr from my friend Claire in Australia:
    “Superb shot of this Ozzie native… Glad to see it is being acclimatized to Arizona…”
    Claire, I welcome you to comment any time on my blog…including now…if you would like to add your story of Callistemon as it relates to its native home of Australia.
    Captain Rick

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