John Fitzgerald Kennedy … my memory of that day in 1963 when the world stopped

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Historic Event, President Kennedy
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Captain Rick: That awful day in November 1963, when President John Kennedy was assassinated, was forever burned in my memory. It was such a tragic day that the world seemed to stop turning. I was 16, in my junior year in high school, when I heard the awful news projected over the school PA system during lunch. I do not remember many details…only that there seemed to be an awesome silence that totally engulfed everyone of all ages as we listened to the live news feed being broadcast. The memory remains as the most outstanding public event of my childhood. It was a day that the world truly stopped turning with the loss of a great American president.


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  1. Bill Whitney says:

    In reflection, I too will always remember that day in November. The shock and disbelief on those faces of us that sat in a fifth hour study hall, as the news came over the school PA system. I was in my freshman year in high school. The events following were as equally memorable in the days that followed with all of the Television news coverage. I could hardly believe the images I saw as the accused sniper was gunned down in the Dallas police headquarters in a live broadcast.

  2. Cracklegator says:

    Everyone seems to remember where he was on this fateful day in 1963.
    Because I was recovering from a fatal accident and confined at the time, I got to watch nonstop coverage of the whole JFK affair. The probing questions that lifted the dialog that day centered around who could have done such a thing. Quickly the media developed the report that “right-wingers” had done the deed, then focused on local members of The John Birch Society, particularly on the volunteer leadership in the area. The reporting was irresponsible, deliberate and destructive. Since then I have been privileged to meet the main family from Dallas, loyal and earnest members of the JBS who were viciously targeted as conspirators in a plot to kill the president. The disinformation campaign against them was so intense and long-lasting, this precious family was forced to pick up roots and move out of the state to escape the hate generated by the agenda-driven media.
    At the time I was moved to anger to think such people would willingly plot to shoot an innocent human being, no less the president, and resented the Society for years as the perpetrator of this crime against humanity.
    My how time and perspective straightens one out!
    Ironically, the media wanted desperately to pin blame on just the people who opposed the ideology of the actual shooter, Lee harvey Oswald, a professed “Marxist” in his own words.
    Why this is important in 2013 is that I came to my senses many years ago and joined the John Birch Society. As a result I happened to meet an individual this month who would have nothing to do with my presentation of a JBS film series dealing with the Constitution BECAUSE of what he always believed was the Society’s involvement in that assassination!!! For 50 years he has harbored an active resentment of the John Birch Society for what he thought was a media-proven murder of international implementations!! The power of the media to warp minds is beyond belief.
    Can we now move on and continue our quest for “Less government, more responsibility and, with God’s help a better world.”

  3. There is nothing so clear in my mind as this day in November of 1963. I was living in Annecy, France, getting ready to go to work at around 8 or so. My little radio was playing (no television at that time) while I was having breakfast, when the stunning, unbelievable news hit the airwaves in Europe ( an 8 hour time difference in winter). I do remember that I had tears getting into my eyes about this horrific assassination in Dallas.

  4. atridim says:

    Thanks for your reblog with great added insight!

  5. atridim says:

    Thanks for your excellent and interesting recount of that terrible day.

  6. atridim says:

    PS. Bill, who posted the first comment, is my dear friend who died of cancer shortly after. I was his WordPress blogmeister where he expounded his long battle with cancer.

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