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Agave launch pads in the sky

Posted: September 28, 2013 in Photography by Atridim
Agave launch pads in the sky, originally uploaded by atridim.

Murphy’s Agave (Agave Murpheyi) is a century plant that loves the hot Arizona desert. It grows to produce many huge 2 foot long pointed blades over many years.

In a year of its choosing, it grows a center stalk that rockets 20 feet into the sky to present its final glorious stand. The stalk grows branches that bloom white flowers from each bud, as shown in the photo. Humming birds love the nectar.

The base of each flower contains a seed pod. As they dry, they crack open and burst zillions of seeds in all directions. Birds love the seeds. Its branches create a great place for them to perch for a great vantage high above the ground.

During the following year or so, the plant dies. New plants can grow from the seeds or from baby sprouts that grow next to the parent plant.

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