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Captain Rick: I received this email from President Obama in response to my email to him suggesting we hire Walmart to fix America’s broken programs and economy.


View my email to President Obama: Captain Rick’s email to President Obama

I am honored that President Obama took the time to respond to my email. I offer the following in response:

Dear President Obama:

I appreciate your words of thanks and welcome of hearing diverse opinion. Yes, we do have differences…major ones!

I agree that most of us do share common hopes for America’s future. I agree to disagree on how to get there.  I believe our current path is a road to fiscal destruction of America…one that will render America as a third world nation.  I think you are living in a cloud of a ‘pipe dream’ with your words of an ‘American Dream’. As I see it the ‘American Dream’ is dead and you helped kill it!

Captain Rick

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