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Captain Rick: ATRIDIM NEWS JOURNAL celebrates 5000 hits from 50 countries in its first year of blogging. Sincere thanks to all readers, followers and especially those who placed their voice in a comment on one or more posts.

Our world faces many serious challenges. Its chances for survival will only improve if YOU make your voice heard. ATRIDIM NEWS JOURNAL offers a quality means for you to do so.


As I look back over the first year of this journey, I recall the endless field of ‘butterflies’ I had in my ‘stomach’ when I energized this blog last September. Thanks to you, my ‘butterflies’ were replaced with ‘eagles’ of confidence.

Based on the amazing achievements of the first year … which have almost left me speechless (but not quite), I wonder what awaits in the second year. I welcome YOU to follow OUR journey to discover the excitement that lies ahead.

I welcome your comments, likes, shares and following of my blog! (If not visible, click the red title above)

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