Captain Rick: The Council of Gilbert, Arizona will vote Thursday on the controversial issue of adopting ICC’s 2012 building codes. Local builders say adoption of this code upgrade is forcing elevated costs because of non-life-safety standards, especially ‘energy-saving’ and ‘green’ ones, which ultimately end up being passed to the home buyers.

I believe the ICC is a ‘money hungry’, ‘union-like’ organization that is on track to become the world’s “Big Brother”…being fueled by our local government’s sensation for being a blind follower and investor of citizen tax dollars in ‘blind waste’. I despise the ICC sucking in my fellow Gilbert citizens as victims. Other cities, states and countries should pay close attention to this so that they do not also become victims of the ICC “Big Brother”.


I consider this an extremely important issue…one of the most important in my 16 years as a Gilbert citizen.

I share with you an email I sent to the Town Council of Gilbert, Arizona today:

Mayor John Lewis and Councilmembers,

I urge you to reject approval of incorporation of the 2012 ICC Code into Gilbert building code law, unless amended as follows

I urge you to approve an amendment to eliminate or make voluntary the ‘Green’ and ‘Energy-saving’ sections of the code.

While these sections contain some good ideas and new technology, they also contain some bad ideas and technology that is already obsolete. I offer the case of the CFL bulb as a prime example. It is stipulated in the 2012 ICC code, yet this technology is already obsolete, proven to be a ‘waste hazardous’ detriment to our land fills. CFL lighting is rapidly being overtaken by LED lighting. A few short years ago all of the HDTV sets in the world were back lit by CFL lighting. That is all history. Solid state LED lighting has totally taken over the HDTV industry. The same is rapidly taking place in the home lighting arena. This is just one example of outdated technology stipulated in the 2012 ICC code.

If ICC is paying attention, I suspect we will see them catch up and incorporate LED technology in the 2015 code. The important point I make is that technology is expanding at a far greater speed than the intelligence of the ‘old world idiots’ at ICC. To make any of their ‘green’ and ‘energy-saving’ technology mandatory, would be like taking a chain an wrapping it around the legs of our builders. The ONLY intelligent way to keep up with the rapidly expanding world of technology is to make all of this ‘stuff’ voluntary. Lets let technology be the driver…not some archaic set of outdated ICC code.

Think what would have happened to HDTVs if America let the ICC dictate how HDTVs were designed and built. We would be living in the dark ages. Its time to loosen the reigns of government and let the professionals take control (none of which reside at the ‘money hungry, union-like’ ICC). It will produce a lot finer America.

I would like to see Gilbert set a shining example for the world to view…how we do things right…not by following other communities that have lost the ability to think and innovate…needing to incorporate ‘caveman’ technology as presented by the ICCs ‘Green’ and ‘Energy-saving’ codes.

I also believe it would be of great benefit for Gilbert to create a new commission of volunteers to help mold future Gilbert building code law. I envision this commission to be on a similar level of or at least an extension of our planning commission. Perhaps they could be assigned the task of wading thru the massive, mile-high, mountain of ICC codes and determine what is really good for Gilbert.

It is no secret that I am not fond of the ICC, a union-like, not-for-profit corporation that is using its vast wealth to become our world’s ‘Big Brother’. I see the citizens of Gilbert lie among its endless sea of victims.

By making these codes voluntary, it gives builders extra options, but does not obligate them to suffer losses realized from bad and often outdated code. Gilbert code should stipulate code which primarily promotes life safety. It should not mandate energy efficiency or green technology…but rather encourage the ideas as voluntary.

For increased understanding of ICC Building Codes, please read my series of posts on ATRIDIM NEWS JOURNAL:

Captain Rick

View the minutes of this historic Gilbert Town Council meeting in the first comment below. 

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  1. atridim says:

    Captain Rick’s MINUTES of the August 15, 2013 Gilbert Town Council Meeting:

    As a result of Captain Rick’s efforts and help of Gilbert Manager Patrick Banger and his digital team over the past couple of years, Gilbert is now a leader in the presentation of Council Meetings in higher quality with improved video controls via YouTube.

    Time markers are presented as YouTube: [Hour:Minute]

    Discussion of Item 20: Building Codes occupied nearly 2 hours of the meeting.

    [1:06] Staff presentation by Larry Taylor:

    [1:11] Excellent citizen speeches were presented against adoption of the 2012 ICC Building Codes by Rusdon Ray, Scott Ray, Cory Carpenter, Randy Hatch and others:

    [2:04] An impressive, quality discussion among Council Members followed:
    Jared Taylor, Victor Petersen and Jordon Ray spoke in favor of not adopting the Green and Energy codes.
    Jenn Daniels spoke in favor of making the Green and Energy code voluntary.
    Ben Cooper spoke in favor of making the Green code voluntary and adopting the Energy code.
    Eddie Cook did not take a stand, but seemed to be in favor of adopting the Green and Energy codes?
    Mayor John Lewis spoke in favor of adopting the Green and Energy codes.

    [2:14] The discussion took a meaningful, positive turn when Jenn Daniels suggested to eliminate the Green and Energy code and create an Advisory Board or Commission to examine the entire code:
    Most council members joined this move.
    Jared Taylor suggested a current Gilbert Business Group be used to make the analysis.
    [2:29] Jenn Daniels made an excellent statement that future discussion needs to be public, thus a Gilbert Commission or Board is needed. (This would promote ‘open government’ and create public meeting minutes and hopefully later video posting of meetings. Captain Rick is Gilbert’s leading promoter of YouTube video posting of ALL crucial meeting business in Gilbert):
    [2:45] Jenn Daniels moved that a Gilbert Advisory Board be established and for Gilbert staff to present a plan to Council in 2 weeks:
    All voted YES except for Jared.

    Captain Rick’s SCORECARD:
    I compliment Jared Taylor for his bold stand for declining approval of the Green and Energy code. The Council should have declined them in conjunction with this vote.
    I compliment Jenn Daniels and those that followed her vote to create a new Gilbert Commission or Board to monitor how codes are set in Gilbert in the future.
    All council members have earned my respect on this historic vote.

    Captain Rick will be watching this process and seize every moment to tell the world how the Town of Gilbert is a leader of excellence of open government.

  2. atridim says:

    I welcome members of the Gilbert Town Council and Gilbert citizens who spoke at this historic Gilbert Council meeting to place your honorable voice in a comment below. I hope everyone viewing will join the discussion.

  3. Stephen Ray says:

    I was so pleased with the outcome of the last Gilbert City council meeting. I am equally pleased with the council members. In my 35+ years in construction I have long wondered if we could ever get a city council to actually look at some of the senseless codes they were impossing on our industry. Never in my life have I seen a city council work in such an open and coopererative manner with the public, their staff and even among themselves; intent and focused on solving a problem. A video on that council meeting should be obtained and used as a training video for other town councils. My concern now is, will they be able to bear up under the increasing pressure by special interest groups that will surely follow such heroic actions. Crony capitalists are not going to stand down and watch their multi-billion dollar monopoly is challenged. The Obama administration is not going to allow little Gilbert Arizona to embarrass them. They must be able to deliver on the international treaties they have committed to in order to bind the American free markets down to fully implement Agenda 21. They must be able to dominate the building industry. We know that this will most effectively be accomplished via the adoption of the international building codes. HooRay to the citizens of Gilbert and the city council they have elected. They are David standing against multiple Goliaths.


    • atridim says:

      Hi Stephen Ray,

      Sincere appreciation for your comment containing great perspective on this historic Gilbert Town Council Meeting.

      Your idea to use a video of this council session as a training video for other city councils is ingenious. I have a feeling that elements from this meeting, combined with those from future council meetings and meetings of the new advisory board could add great potential to this video. I will make sure that Mayor John Lewis and Manager Patrick Banger sees this so that proper documentation can begin of what I think has the potential to establish Gilbert as a true leader of ‘open’ government in America that listens and works with its citizens to achieve civic law that is truly best for all. Perhaps we will be fortunate and have them chime in with their support in a comment below.

      I share your concerns for Agenda 21 and am doing my blogging best to help squash it before it multiplies into a disease that destroys America and our world…and about the pressure from the public interest groups should Gilbert take this bold step to side with citizens over big business and government. I look forward to our Town of Gilbert to make the intelligent choice.

      Captain Rick

  4. Gordon says:

    Gilbert is a “vibrant” community to use the words of our mayor. We need to get out of the mold of all the “lemmings” that have now infiltrated town management. We can adopt the codes (if we think we have to) to put on the appearance that we are “up to date” that seems to be paramount in the minds of town management, but let us amend out everything that is totally unnecessary. The “citizens amendments” will do just that. LET”S ADOPT THEM WITH THE CODES!. Gordon

  5. Is it just my homeowners policy that provides clear evidence that the mania to adopt codes costs every homeowner in increased insurance premiums? There is a coverage called “Building Ordinance” on my policy. It’s 10% of the “Dwelling.” Building Ordinance is the cost to bring your home “up to code” in the event of a loss.

    • atridim says:

      Hi Anita,
      Sincere appreciation for your comment. I just received and paid my new annual bill. Its has gone up a few dollars, but due to increased valuation. Arizona real estate values are sky rocketing…like back in 2006. That’s kind of scary. I don’t see any coverage called ‘building ordinance’ on my bill.

      Doing some research I found the following for ‘Building Ordinance Insurance Coverage’:
      Coverage for loss caused by enforcement of ordinances or laws regulating construction and repair of damaged buildings. Older structures that are damaged may need upgraded electrical; heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC); roofing materials; fences; and plumbing units based on city codes. Many communities have a building ordinance(s) requiring that a building that has been damaged to a specified extent (typically 50 percent) must be demolished and rebuilt in accordance with current building codes rather than simply repaired. Unendorsed, standard commercial property insurance forms do not cover the loss of the undamaged portion of the building, the cost of demolishing that undamaged portion of the building, or the increased cost of rebuilding the entire structure in accordance with current building codes. However, coverage for these loss exposures is widely available by endorsement. Standard homeowners policies include a provision granting a limited amount (e.g., 10 percent of the dwelling limit) of building ordinance coverage; this amount can be increased by endorsement.

      Hope this helps,
      Captain Rick

      • I have never seen “Building Ordinance” on my bill. It wasn’t until my husband and I met with our insurance agent to go over all of our insurance coverages. That’s when it showed up. He said that it was added to homeowners policies in 2005. I doubt that it is “free.” I suggest you call your insurance agent and ask him if it is part of your insurance. Mine is with Farmers. Your definition is basically “bringing the dwelling up to code.” Thus, if your home was built in 1995, and you have a major fire in your kitchen, which needs to be remodeled, all the electrical, plumbing, etc, etc. must meet the 2006 Code.

  6. I was deeply offended by some of the statements made by a Council member, and by the APS woman (1:39:40) whose statements led me to believe that they regarded the men and women who spoke out against the codes as a bunch of local yokels, instead of the experts they truly are.

    There seems to be a gross misunderstanding of who the real experts are. They are NOT members of the SBA; they are NOT members of the Chamber of Commerce; nor are they the “membership” represented by Jackson Moll of the Homebuilders Association of Central Arizona.

    The experts are not represented by the ICC. Nor are they Town staff or management.

    And the haughtily arrogant APS woman who spoke knows literally nothing about good business decisions. If she did, she wouldn’t have stood there crowing about her 30 years of “experience” and be recommending forcing her customers to spend 100 times necessary for 1% improvement. If she had any business acumen, she would have looked for WHO is behind the ICC codes and WHO benefits. Can you imagine someone quoting the Constitution whose primary goal is ENERGY EFFICIENCY….and who states we don’t “have time” for the Free Market to work? Well, now let’s just get tyranny on the fast track shall we? Never mind that “air tight” homes cause respiratory problems and is a likely contributor to carbon monoxide poisoning. The ICC is to the rescue with mandated carbon monoxide alarms!!! (I wonder who makes those? I wonder if that company was represented on one of the Code Making Panels.)

    The real experts on all of these codes were in the audience. They spoke out against codes that they have been forced to deal with for YEARS. They are forced to work with these idiotic products day in and day out. And what do Town Building Inspectors say when the real experts ask for a rationale? “It’s Code.” Brilliant. Wow. Such expertise.

    You want to see real, true INNOVATION and EXPERTISE?
    Go to 1:43:25.

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