Captain Rick: Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano will resign and be named as the president of the University of California system. Did she give up on President Obama or was she fired?


I was pleased to see Janet, perhaps the most liberal governor or Arizona, give up her governorship and head for Washington to become Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security. While in that position, she seemed to seize every moment to slam Arizona on issues of illegal immigration and border security. I suspect some of those actions were a result of her desire to show Arizona that she ascended to higher ground and was now ‘boss of the homeland’. I suspect the balance came from Obama pressuring her to do his ‘dirty work’ against Arizona. It has been obvious that he has a loss of respect for Arizona, a state that has presented one of the biggest ‘thorns in his side’ on the subject of illegal immigration. The case of Arizona’s SB1070 illegal immigration law is a prime example. Obama’s Department of Justice vigorously fought it. Arizona appeals took it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court with a partial win for Arizona, which I am confident he did not enjoy.

Perhaps Obama had enough failures relating to illegal immigration or other homeland issues and pressured Janet to find other employment. Perhaps Janet had enough of being the ‘whipping gal’ for President Obama. Perhaps we will never know what prompted this move. It does not surprise me that Janet chose a state other than Arizona to relocate to. I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that her anti-Arizona actions under the Obama presidency caused her to loose the ‘Arizona Welcome Mat’. Her choice of California, a ‘blue’ liberal state will provide her safe haven.

Agree? / Disagree?

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  1. Sandi Bartlett says:

    Could anyone tell me just exactly what she has done in the last 4 years of any consequence?

    • Ken Bosch says:

      That’s all we need here in Kalifournya, Finestein, Boxer and Napolitano (Nappy) I gotta get out of here……. My own private Idaho….

      • atridim says:

        Ken, come on over to Arizona. We are not as ‘red’ as we used to be…due to the ‘blue’ oozing in from across the border, but we are still a lot ‘redder’ than Kalifournya.
        Thanks for your comment, Captain Rick

    • atridim says:

      Sandi, presuming you mean ‘good’ consequences…I can’t think of anything. I can however think of several ‘bad’ consequences, some of which I related to in the report.
      Thanks for your comment, Captain Rick

  2. Bill Whitney says:

    President Obama praised her today. Of course he did … he appointed her to that position. She has done nothing to deal with boarder crossings or the crime along the borders. Good bye Janet!

    • atridim says:

      Bill, I stand by your side in wishing Janet ‘good bye’. I might be inclined to add ‘good riddance’.
      Thanks for your comment, Captain Rick

  3. bret robison says:

    cali is the perfect place for her. she was worthless to Az and the nation, but will probably do a lot of good for the good people of Ca…. I understand they welcome illegals and idiots to their state. No offense Ken, we would welcome you to Az.

  4. I tend to think Nappy did not specifically choose to ignore Arizona, she was pandering for a lucrative way to escape the dismal failure she made of Homeland Security and jumped at the chance to triple her salary.
    As far as a replacement, no other person in the news these days is more qualified to take over her position than George Zimmerman. GZ knows what it takes to defend his turf, he is willing to work long hours without compensation to do the job right, he knows the value of protecting against individuals with bad intentions and he unflinchingly hits what he is aiming at. I say George is a shoe-in for her job.

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