U.S. Building Codes facing major upgrade … Is this a good plan or a recipe for disaster ? Some excited, some fear ! Is Liberty at stake?

Posted: June 7, 2013 in Building Codes, Gilbert Arizona, Gilbert Town Council, Local Government
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Captain Rick: Gilbert, Arizona Councilmembers face an important vote in coming weeks to determine if Gilbert will adopt the 2012 ICC building codes into Gilbert building code. Many local residents are concerned, some fearing the city will control what kind of light bulbs they can use and more. This is a viable concern that all Americans should devote significant interest to. The liberty of all Americans is at stake!

During the past few weeks I have heard lots of concern from friends in Gilbert concerning this important pending vote. Some concerns seem to be based on fear, but many on realistic concern. As a long-time, happy, home owner in Gilbert, I wish to help everyone understand this important decision by utilizing my life-long engineering skills, which span the mechanical, electrical and electronic spectrum, to help sort out the good from the bad…the right from the wrong…so that the most intelligent decision is reached. My hope is that our council’s decision will establish Gilbert as a national leader of intelligent building code enhancements…not a follower of code hype that supports illogical dreams of energy efficiency and safety.


History of the ICC  (International Code Council)

It’s  a conglomeration of codes compiled by three of the nations most respected code groups:

Building Officials Code Administrators International (BOCA) were used on the East Coast and throughout the Midwest of the United States

Southern Building Code Congress International (SBCCI) were used in the Southeast

International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO) covered the West Coast and across to most of the Midwest.

By early 1990s it became obvious that the country needed a single coordinated set of national model building codes.

The nation’s three model code groups decided to combine their efforts and in 1994 formed the International Code Council (ICC) to develop codes that would have no regional limitations.

After three years of extensive research and development, the first edition of the International Building Code was published in 1997.

By the year 2000, ICC had completed the International Codes series. It has released an updated version of the code every three years since. The latest and most controversial is the 2012 edition.

ICC Building Code Requirements

Building code requirements generally apply to the construction of new buildings and alterations or additions to existing buildings, changes in the use of buildings, and the demolition of buildings or portions of buildings at the ends of their useful or economic lives.

As such, building codes obtain their effect from the voluntary decisions of property owners to erect, alter, add to, or demolish a building in a jurisdiction where a building code applies, because these circumstances routinely require a permit.

The plans are subject to review for compliance with current building codes as part of the permit application process.

Alterations and additions to an existing building must usually comply with all new requirements applicable to their scope as related to the intended use of the building as defined by the adopted code.

Some changes in the use of a building often expose the entire building to the requirement to comply fully with provisions of the code applicable to the new use because the applicability of the code is use-specific.

A change in use usually changes the applicability of code requirements and as such, will subject the building to review for compliance with the currently applicable codes.

Existing buildings are not exempt from new requirements, especially those considered essential to achieve health, safety or general welfare objectives of the adopting jurisdiction, even when they are not otherwise subject to alteration, addition, change in use, or demolition. Such requirements typically remedy existing conditions, considered in hindsight, inimical to safety, such as the lack of automatic fire sprinklers in certain places of assembly, as became a major concern after the Station nightclub fire in 2003 killed 100 people.

ICC Building Requirements in Question

This is a developing report. I look to my fellow Gilbert neighbors and all concerned to help develop this report by commenting with your concerns and ideas for improvement.

I welcome your comments, likes, shares and following of my blog! (If not visible, click the red title above)

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Sign the petition to have Gilbert govern itself  by having ICC codes treated as suggestions and recommendations only: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/gilbert-can-govern-itself/

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  1. Hi Rick, I’m glad you are addressing this very important topic. There was an example of sprinklers in your post, and of course when someone reads about so many deaths from that type of example, they naturally assume all the codes are of this nature, when that is the exception. Also, that’s in a commercial building, which probably isn’t a bad idea. But in Arizona, municipalities cannot MANDATE sprinklers in residential homes, so the ICC 2012 Codes relating to sprinklers is not even allowed. However, Kyle Mieras in Town Management stated they wouldn’t require them….as if it was Gilbert’s choice.

    But here’s a code that I find interesting: low flush toilets to conserve water. So, if you flush it 2 or 3 times, does that defeat the purpose? What about those energy efficient lightbulbs filled with mercury? Speaking of “conservation,” aren’t there “dust control” codes at construction sites? Otherwise, why do construction workers have to pour 40,000 gallons of water on the site EVERY DAY to keep the dust down?

    For every problem, there’s a government solution to the rescue.

    Also, many people do not understand that in passing these thousands of pages of codes, that have to be updated every few years, with another set of thousands of pages of codes, and again and again, these are LAWS to be interpreted by Town Staff. LAWS.

    Rusdon’s group says, Most of the codes are fine as SUGGESTIONS. You turn those into LAW, and you’ve got a mess on your hands.

    Looks like we need to hire more IRS agents, er, I mean, building inspectors. You should see the circus that results from the various inspector interpretations (“it passed”…”no it didn’t here’s a new code”) as families pay for two homes at the same time! No wonder Gilbert needs 5 hotels….for Gilbert families waiting, waiting, waiting to take possession, and spending their hard earned dollars in the meantime.


  2. atridim says:

    I sent the following email to all of my friends, including those in Gilbert, Arizona:


    My recent reports on Atridim News Journal explain how the ICC (International Code Council) is becoming ‘Big Brother’ by enticing local governments to incorporate their costly, ‘liberty-destroying’ ICC building codes into local building codes. The Gilbert Town Council will soon be voting on whether to approve incorporation of the 2012 ICC codes.

    I want to draw your attention to an important petition that I recently signed. It is asking the Gilbert Town Council to rescind the 2006 ICC codes (currently incorporated in Gilbert Building Code) and turn them back to suggestions and recommendations, allowing time for all interested parties to review and agree to a realistic, workable set of Life-Safety Gilbert Governing Codes.

    Please sign the Petition: “Gilbert Can Govern Itself”

    I really think this is an important cause, and I’d like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It’s free and takes just a few seconds of your time.

    View the current signatures. Mine with comment is number 36: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/gilbert-can-govern-itself/signatures

    This is a noble and real example of “Government by the People” at work. I hope you will help us reach our goal of 10,000 signatures.
    Please forward this email to as many residents of Gilbert, Arizona as you are able.

    Sincere appreciation,
    Captain Rick

  3. Gordon Ray says:

    This is probably the most important vote that the town council will make this year! If we are unable to vote for self government as opposed to following the croud and being governed by people thousands of miles away, that know nothing about us, we are in deep trouble! You are right! this is all about control.

    • atridim says:

      Hi Gordon,
      Sincere thanks for your comment and for all of the outstanding work you have done standing up for the liberty of the citizens of Gilbert, Arizona by fighting incorporation of the ICC codes into Gilbert law. I would be honored for you to present a guest commentary on Atridim News Journal about this important subject.
      Captain Rick

  4. Sandi Bartlett says:

    Hi Rick,
    I signed the petition and thank you and Anita for bringing attention to this matter. The letter written by Cory Carpenter was outstanding. Watching the over reach of government, whether it be federal or state, is alarming. Everyday we see that our rights are being stripped away. The Constitution was written to protect the rights of citizens not to give more power to the government. We must all continue our duty to be citizen lobbyists and not let our elected officials bow to special interest groups.

    • atridim says:

      Hi Sandi,
      Sincere appreciation for your comment of thanks and helpful info. You are so right about our duty as citizens to lobby to protect our liberty. Far too many people in America think that liberty is a given right…that they will always have it…even if they never lift a finger to protect it. That concept is so selfish and wrong. Our liberty is eroding every day. One day people will wake up and realize our liberty is gone…because our citizens didn’t work hard enough to protect it.
      Captain Rick

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