Yahoo unveils awesome new look for Flickr, world’s top photo site with 6 billion photos

Posted: May 25, 2013 in Atridim, Captain Rick, Photography, Photography by Atridim
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Captain Rick: Flickr, the world’s top photo site with 6 billion photos and 50 million members, has an awesome new look.

A glimpse of my Flickr Photostream with the awesome new look appears below. I present all of my photos in HDTV Widescreen format. They are are available for viewing in Blu-ray quality for my Flickr Friends.


Yahoo purchased Flickr in 2005, when Webshots was the king of photography on the internet. I was a Webshots member in those days with views of my photos surpassing 1 million. Webshots ranked me as the top photographer in the ‘Arizona category.’ My photography also achieved a top 10 spot in the categories of Oregon, Washington, Montana and Utah.

In 2006 I began to see lots of problems surfacing with Webshots and brought it to the attention of their management with no avail. I launched intensive research to find a new site to post my photography. I discovered Flickr when it was ‘still in diapers’…before most of the world had even heard of it. I liked what I saw. My thought was that one day Flickr will become the new world leader in photography. I joined Flickr in early 2007. A week later, I was so impressed that I became a paying ‘PRO’ member and have been ever since. To me, no other photo site on planet earth comes close to the excellence projected by Flickr. This enhancement helps ensure continued success for years to come. I made a wise choice back in 2007 and remain a proud Flickr PRO member today.

Webshots continued its decline and ultimately executed its remaining membership by deleting all member photos unless they signed up for what they called ‘Smile’. I called it ‘dead on arrival’, as did most of the other members.  All of my photos were deleted. Lots of hard work to end in such a death. I convinced many of my Webshots friends to ‘come on over’ to the ‘brighter side’ and post their photos on Flickr.

I created several Flickr photo groups, all of which are very unique in that I personally scan every photo of a members photostream in search of ‘photos of excellence,’ which I then invite to be added to the groups photo pool.

Captain Rick’s Flickr Photostream and Photo Groups:

Captain Rick’s Photostream:

A Virtual Journey:

16×9 Widescreen (Flickr’s Top Group for HDTV quality photos):

A Virtual Journey – Level 2 (photos receiving sufficient awards from members):

  1. Bill Whitney says:

    An interesting report, Captain Rick. I was also a Webshots user back in those days, but never really got established to the point that I am with the Flickr community. I think that many Flickr members are confused and frustrated with a new format. Many seem angry to a point that they didn’t get a choice in the matter. But, like you, I think the upgrade is awesome. It just takes some time to get used to something new. Flickr has raised the bar and is setting a new standard for world wide photo sharing sites.

    As a good friend, and a Flickr contact, I must give you praise for the wonderful groups that you have started. As an Administrator for a couple of groups that I started, I know how time consuming but extremely rewarding the experience can be …

    My screen name is ScenicSW and my Photostream is here:

    Saguaro Puddle Reflections

    Groups that I have created:

    The Look of Southwest:

    Arizona Sky:

    • atridim says:

      Hi Bill,
      Great thanks for your comment. I think you summed up the situation well. New things can be frustrating to learn. It didn’t take me long to explore the new ‘lay of the land’. I miss a couple small things, but overall, its an awesome improvement. Flickr did an excellent job with this first ever major enhancement. I agree with you, Flickr has raised the bar to a higher standard of photo excellence. I am pleased to see how widescreen photos now capture more viewing area on photostreams than square or vertical shots. Perhaps Flickr was watching and learning from 16×9 Widescreen. The push to HDTV quality photos was a long journey for me, but one that is beginning to find its place among photographic excellence. I am honored to have played a part in the process.
      Thanks for all of your kind words and for including links to your Flickr Photostream and groups. I encourage everyone to visit them for an abundance of of excellent photography.
      Captain Rick

  2. atridim says:

    The new Flickr look, features and controls are great, however it appears that one important ability was eliminated. I used to be able to search a members photostream by date the photo was posted as I scanned thru the earlier pages. I used the posting dates to keep track of which photos I had already viewed for invitation to my photo groups. That ability no longer exists. However, fanning thru the older photos using the new rapid viewing capabilities is much faster. I just need to figure out a way to determine where I am at time wise. This is very important when searching photostreams with thousands of photos. I view it as a small price to pay in exchange for all of the massive improvements. I am confident I will figure out a way to manage this, but if anyone knows of a means to accomplish this, please ‘reply’.
    Captain Rick

  3. John Weiss says:

    I’ve spent the last week figuring out how to do the things I used to that are not apparent in the new design. The lack of help info or tutorials is unfortunate. It took me a half hour just to figure out how to add comments to someone’s set. I don’t mind the new design – I’ve always added a view on black link because that is how I prefer to see most photographs. But I think the major failing (other than giving people no warning or explanation, is the lack of customization. Some people hate black backgrounds and some love them. Some like justified view and others prefer a lot more space around photos. (I’m using Fluidr to view photos much more frequently). Why Flickr doesn’t offer choices of how to view makes no sense to me. In fact they do so on the Group Pool page. If they did that on photstreams and the homepage much of the angst would go away, especially if they also let people feature their sets a little more directly.. At any rate I am staying and just hoping that my contacts also don’t leave.

    • atridim says:

      Hi John,
      Sincere thanks for sharing your thoughts. New things can be frustrating to learn. I agree that Flickr could have done a better job of explaining all of this before ‘dropping the ball’ on me and everyone else.
      Customization and featuring of sets are important. I am still exploring these massive changes.
      I encourage you to invite your Flickr friends to share their thoughts in a comment below. One never knows, perhaps this could become an outside source for helping correct Flickr flaws.
      Captain Rick

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