Captain Rick: The object of this game is to try and save American capitalism before the government takes over everything. To date, there is no known player who has won. The government wins every time. 


The game board looks interesting. It reminds me of the fun times I had as a kid playing Monopoly for hours and even days before finally taking over everything…or loosing everything.

I don’t think Bamopoly would be very much fun to play…because no one likes to loose all of the time. It also reminds me very much of real life in America. Its people play this game every day to try and get ahead and promote capitalism… but it seems like big government is always there to take over everything.

I have a strong feeling that one of these days, the government is going to loose this game…because of the way it has been cheating its players…the citizens of America. Unfortunately when it looses the game, there will be no winners.

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  1. Ken Bosch says:

    Great post Rick,

    The American Citizens are losing our rights and freedom a little bit every day. Soon we’ll all be under drone surveillance and who knows what else. The Homeland Defense boys bought 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point ammo for a reason. They know the day of reckoning is coming soon.

    • atridim says:

      Hi Ken,
      Sincere thanks for your comment and for sending this great work of art to me. I wish I knew the author so that I could post tribute. I agree with your synopsis of Americans loosing rights and freedoms every day.
      You are now on my approved commenter list…which means your future comments will go live immediately. Hammer away!
      Captain Rick

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