Spring Forward America … unless you live in Arizona or other efficient places that don’t have to spend time fiddling with their clocks

Posted: March 9, 2013 in Arizona
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Captain Rick: Much of America and other places need to fiddle with their clocks tonight to switch to ‘Daylight Savings Time’…except for the few places that have found one time that works great all year…like Arizona, where people do not  waste time fiddling with their clocks. They have much better ways to enjoy their time.

Daylight Savings Time…what is that? It’s a joke. There is no such thing as saving daylight. A day has 24 hours and the thus the world has 24 geological time zones. During each hour the world rotates 1/24th of its daily spin. That’s about 1000 miles per hour for most areas in America and other countries within 45 degrees latitude of the equator. I bet most people do not realize they are constantly moving that fast.image

Where a person lives east/west in each time zone governs when the sun appears to rise and set. People living in the eastern area of a time zone see the sun rise and set earlier than those living in the western area of a time zone. Unfortunately, time zones do not follow earth’s longitudinal lines, because they were set by politicians a long time ago. Because of this, many areas of the world are improperly placed into the wrong geological time zone. Daylight Savings Time effectively transfers many of these problem areas back into the time zone they should have originally been placed in. However, for some it makes the problem much worse.

Arizona is fortunate that it lies on the split between the geological Mountain and Pacific Time zones, thus the rise and set of the sun works perfect all year. I hope to report on more of this interesting subject in a subsequent report.

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