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Captain Rick: A photo’s journey to the Virtual Journey GALAXY of STARS is long and difficult. Photo qualifications are astronomical. Only the very best photos ascend to this elite destination.



“Open Wide” by Les of the United Kingdom

Appreciation from Les

Thanks to fellow members of VJ for awarding my shot of the lilies. This is my first one to reach the Galaxy of Stars so I am really honoured.
Thanks to Captain Rick for this awesome group of photographers and the way that he dedicates his time to keeping all levels of the groups in in good form.

Regards, Les.

About Les and his photo

  • ‘A Virtual Journey’ member since December 4, 2010
  • 47 invited photos contributed to ‘A Virtual Journey’
  • Recipient of 17 ‘AVJ Participation Awards’ for group participation excellence
  • Recipient of 1 ‘AVJ Feature Award’ of one of his photos featured on the AVJ homepage during the month of December 2011
  • ‘AVJ Level 2’ member since July 7, 2011
  • AVJ1 members awarded 11 of his photos to ascend to ‘AVJ Level 2’
  • The photo presented above is his first photo to be chosen by AVJ2 members to ascend ‘AVJ2’s GALAXY of STARS’. It is one of only 15 photos to achieve “Virtual Journey’s” highest honor.

History of ‘A Virtual Journey’ photo group on Flickr 

Captain Rick, a life-long photographer, achieved well over 1 million views of his photos on Webshots, the worlds first global photo website in the early 2000’s. Envisioning the future of photography on the web, he became a Flickr Pro member in early 2008, a couple years after its Flickr’s founding. Since then Flickr has grown to become the worlds largest database of photos with well over 6 billion photos, 50 million members  and 80 million unique visitors.

In August of 2008, Captain Rick created the Flickr group called ‘A Virtual Journey’. It was Flickr’s first group to have members photos screened to meet extremely high photographic standards. Only the highest quality of those were personally invited by Captain Rick to be added the the ‘A Virtual Journey’ photo pool. Today that pool contains over 2500 of Flickr’s highest quality photos.

In June of 2011, Captain Rick created ‘A Virtual Journey: Exploration for HD Excellence: Level 2’ to offer its members incentive to climb to a higher level of photographic excellence.

In November of 2011, Captain Rick created ‘GALAXY of STARS’, an extension of Level 2. It is reserved for members who receive sufficient awards from fellow AVJ level 2 members. Only 15 photos to date have been qualified by AVJ2 members to ascend to the ‘GALAXY of STARS’. The above photo from Les of the United Kingdom is one of them.

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