Guns in America: New York enacts America’s toughest Gun Control Law … Is this the beginning of Gun Control in America?

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Guns in America
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Captain Rick: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law America’s toughest gun control law. Could this be legislation that begins a sweep of America to control guns?

As a past resident of the state of New York, I recognize it as the toughest state of all when it comes to guns. I am beginning a new series on my blog called ‘Guns in America’. I expect it will be a hot topic on ‘Capitol Hill’ in the coming weeks in light of the recent massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut. This could very well be one of my most difficult reporting challenges to date. I will do my best to report the important facts from both sides of this important issue facing America. With your help via comments, perhaps we can guide America to an honorable solution.


Details of the New York gun law

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law a package of tougher gun measures Tuesday.
The Democrat-dominated Assembly passed the bill Tuesday by a 104-43 vote after the state Senate approved it by a wide margin late Monday.

The gun-control package makes changes and additions to a broad swath of state law, ranging from requiring universal background checks for all gun and ammunition sales, boosting the state’s power to confiscate firearms from the mentally ill and increasing penalties for gun-related crime.

The new laws provide for an immediate ban on semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and pistols with a “military-style feature,” such as a flash suppressor or a bayonet mount. Guns that had been legal but are being banned would be grandfathered in, but their owners must register their firearms with the state or sell them out of state within one year.

Magazines are limited to a maximum capacity of seven bullets, down from the current 10.

The legislation includes a “Webster provision,” a life-without-parole sentence for anyone convicted of killing a first responder. The provision is a reference to the Christmas Eve shooting in a Rochester, N.Y., suburb where two firefighters were shot and killed.

Criticism from gun rights advocates and a number of Republicans in the state Legislature was swift.

The National Rifle Association, which had previously labeled Cuomo as “America’s most-anti-gun governor,” expressed “outrage” at the “draconian gun-control bill that was rushed through the process.” “Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature orchestrated a secretive end-run around the legislative and democratic process and passed sweeping anti-gun measures with no committee hearings and no public input,” the lobbying group wrote in a statement.

The new gun laws received praise from New York City Michael Bloomberg, a staunch gun-control advocate whose Mayors Against Illegal Guns initiative has aired television advertisements pushing for tougher laws. “The responsible and comprehensive gun reform bills the governor signed into law today will help keep guns away from criminals and others who are already prohibited from purchasing them,” Bloomberg said in a statement.

Captain Rick: Where does it go from here?  What is the answer?

This is a huge subject that involves U.S. Constitutional Second Amendment rights that protects the right of Americans to keep and bear arms … and consideration of the growing voice in America that is concerned about massacres of innocent people by a person with a gun or guns.

What is the answer? I welcome all reading this to voice your opinion in the comment form provided. Perhaps together, we can find the answer.

I welcome you to follow my blog as I probe deeper into the subject of ‘Guns in America’.

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  1. bret says:

    There is no law that could have been created, or will be created, that would have prevented any of the recent tragedy…..short of destroying all guns in existance….and then, what method would the perps have used? I challenge any person to give me an example of a law that would have prevented any of the recent shootings or made them less tragic. They will only allow an extended level of blame.
    Are you willing to give up your freedom of speech? Pleople have to realize that with freedom comes risk. Risk of people acting on thier own accord. People offending with words, or pictures, or acts, or whatever. More laws will only make a few feel better about themselves while punishing and removing citizens’ freedoms. We have to punish crimminals to the fullest, and learn, as a society, to respect one another. The Japanese have demonstrated this in thier recent tragedy.

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