Captain Rick’s ATRIDIM NEWS JOURNAL Viewed around the world

Posted: December 29, 2012 in Atridim, Captain Rick, Friendship
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Captain Rick: I began regular posts to my WordPress blog ATRIDIM NEWS JOURNAL about 4 months ago. I am honored to view the stats of people around the world who have viewed my blog during the past 90 days, as shown in the WordPress stat image below. WordPress stat data capabilities boggle my mind. I know some of you from photography friendships molded during the early days on Webshots and later on Flickr. I sincerely appreciate your friendship and look forward building more friendships among those I do not yet know from the countries shown below.


Our world is a huge place, but thanks to the internet and great social networks like WordPress, Flickr and Facebook, our friends on the other side of the globe are all just a very short distance away.

  1. Bill Whitney says:

    Hi Captain Rick … I value your exceptional Journal reporting and it’s content. I am very impressed with your stats and the respect received from your world-wide audience. You are such a generous friend. I can never thank you enough for starting and promoting my blog after I was diagnosed with stage IV Merkel Cell Carcinoma.

    You are also an accomplished photographer, exhibited within your photo-stream on Flickr:

    Oasis LED Projection Ambiance

    Thank you my friend!

    • atridim says:


      Thanks for your wonderful words. They brought ‘music to my ears’ and ‘made my day’. I am humbled. I don’t receive any pay for what I do. Its all service to mankind as a retirement hobby. I do however receive some great fringe benefits…the numerous friendships being molded around the world and the wonderful comments I receive…especially ones like yours.

      Our friendship began way back in the early days of Flickr. You shared my photostream link. You are a pretty darn good photographer yourself…so allow me to share your photostream of great Southwestern photography with a Tucson flair:
      Several years ago you became one of the first members of my Flickr photo group ‘A Virtual Journey’: Your team spirit propelled you to become one of its top members, achieving numerous photo awards.

      Thanks for accepting my challenge for you to document your journey with cancer…if I created and managed a blog for you. You accepted the challenge and our joint venture began in August, 2012. The blog ‘took off’. I hope everyone reading this will check it out. I assure that blog writing doesn’t get any more real than this.
      Bill, you are one brave person! I honor you! Here’s the link again:
      Bill’s journey starts way down at the very bottom/start of the blog.

      Bill, I want to let you in on a secret. It was your amazing strength during your extremely trying times that gave me the strength to energize ATRIDIM NEWS JOURNAL. So, we are a team on a joint journey. I wish you a ‘Hopeful New Year’ as you soon undergo your 6th round of chemotherapy.

      Your friend,
      Captain Rick

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