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Captain Rick: Investors sold heavily this week in fear of America going over the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ on January 1, 2013. Its obvious none of them studied Captain Rick’s Fiscal Cliff Course 101. Those that have view the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ as a welcomed stepping stone to better times in America in an effort to correct America’s thirst for debt. It is such a shame that the news media portrays such a bad image of it and that our representatives in Washington continue to play a game by trying to make us think they have our better interests in mind, while they really are hoping for America to go over the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ for political gain. Its politics as usual.


For all graduates of Captain Rick’s Fiscal Cliff Course 101, it will soon be time to welcome in 2013 with cheer.

For those who have not yet taken the course, you can do so now (the course starts at the very bottom) by clicking: Captain Rick’s Fiscal Cliff Course 101

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