Captain Rick: While the Fiscal Cliff is a very important event that will descend upon the U.S. and effect most Americans on January 1, 2013, I urge everyone to take a break from all of the hype presented on TV, radio and the internet to enjoy a little “Fiscal Cliff” humor.


As I mentioned in Captain Rick’s Fiscal Cliff Course 101: Lesson 3, the “Fiscal Cliff” could have been better labeled the “Fiscal Slope” to better economic times. Stay tuned for my continuing report as I “break it all down”. You can view Captain Rick’s FISCAL CLIFF Course 101 here:

Special thanks to my friend Ken of California for bringing these great works of art to my attention so I can share them with everyone. I hope you can make out the authors and will visit their websites. They deserve our thanks.

Your comment is appreciated:

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