Black Friday … World’s largest retail rip-off!

Posted: November 22, 2012 in Retail Sales
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Captain Rick: I find the endless crowds of uninformed people who are fooled into spending countless hours of time standing in long lines waiting for what they think is a deal, absolutely amazing. They could spend their time so much more wisely by doing a little research. Black Friday is the top day of the year when retailers load off all of their obsolete inventory. I am not saying this merchandise is bad … its just obsolete. In some cases, its merchandise that the stores just cant get rid of via normal means. Most top brands subscribe to ‘fair trade’ agreements, meaning that no reseller can sell the same ‘current’ product for any less than the next reseller. You will never find a current name brand product in a ‘Black Friday’ special … until it has been obsoleted and replaced by the next generation successor. There are so many better ways to spend the day after Thanksgiving, than to stand in a line of stupidity.


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