Eurozone: Record high unemployment: 11.6%Spain and Greece are worst, both above 25%

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Europe, Germany, Greece, Jobs, Portugal, Spain, Unemployment
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Captain Rick: Unemployment in the 17 country Eurozone hit a record high in September of 11.6%, up 1.2% from a year ago. The sluggish economies of Spain, Greece and Portugal lead the pack with unemployment rates above 25%.  Portugal is at 15.7%. Austria has the lowest rate of 5.2%, followed by Germany and the Netherlands at 5.4%.


The unemployment rate for the entire 27 member-states of the European Union, including countries that do not use the Euro, was unchanged at 10.6%, up from 9.8% a year ago. The total number of of unemployed people in this area rose by 169.000 to 25.75 million.

  1. Sigrid Egan says:

    This morning on my usual German news channel ‘ Tagesschau 24’ , which I watch through Internet streaming, it was proudly reported that unemployment is now at 5.8 %. Considering the unprecedented influx of refugees within the last few years, (ca. 1.5 million)I really wonder, if that figure is real and the situation not down-played. For obvious reasons, elections in the Fall.

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