Windows Phone 8 devices now on sale . . iPhone, be prepared to be overtaken by 2016

Posted: November 9, 2012 in Phones, Technology, Windows
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Captain Rick: Microsoft launched a ‘Hail Mary’ pass today as the first Windows Phone 8 devices went on sale. These are the first phones that are compatible with the new Windows 8 operating system. Early users call this a great product and love it. It is receiving praise for its innovative interface. It has some snazzy new features that rival those on the iPhone and Android devices. IDC forecasts that Windows Phone will overtake Apple’s iPhone by 2016, gaining 19.2% of the market. With hundreds of millions of Microsoft Windows users migrating over to Windows 8 over the next few years, the Windows Phone 8 will push the iPhone and Android devices aside and gain the fame of being the world’s most used phone device. Those who rely on Microsoft Office products will find themselves right at home. I suspect that internet calling via Microsoft’s Skype, will be part of the new game plan. As an avid user of Microsoft Windows since the beginning of time, coupled with Microsoft’s multi-millions of dollars invested in the new Window’s 8 system, I anticipate Microsoft’s ‘Hail Mary’ pass will be caught in the end zone a few years from now for a monumental touchdown that will send Apple back to the ‘fruit orchard’ it originated from. 


A Samsung is shown above. Nokia’s Lumina 920, which has received positive reviews, is now available for just $100 with a two-year contact via AT&T. Windows Phone 8 devices will also be available on Verizon’s network, America’s largest wireless carrier.

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