Obama v Romney in Debate 1: … Who won? . …It all comes down to body language.

Posted: October 4, 2012 in America, Mitt Romney, President Obama, Presidential Debate, Presidential Election, United States
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Captain Rick: Watching the debate last evening, I heard nothing new. It seemed to be much of the same old political rhetoric from both sides.

I did generate an overall perception of how the debate went … I think it all comes down to body language.

Many years ago I developed a very simple means of scoring the debates. It has proven to be very accurate over the years in predicting the next president. It works like this. I take a note pad and write Obama on the left and Romney on the right. I draw a vertical line between them and then place a mark every time I hear a remark that I think will be a winner among American voters.

My Obama / Romney scorecard results: Obama: 11 / Romney 20

But, an equally important part of my analysis is to turn off the sound and re-view the debate. It’s a great way to strip out all of the verbal rhetoric and just watch the body language. Obama looked like he was tired and somewhat mad with a frown on his face much of the time. Romney was full of robust and looked happy with a smile much of the time. I think America will consider this as a strong ingredient in their vote on November 6.

We still have several debates to go. I will be watching. I hope you will also. I will report the results as I see, hear and feel them. I welcome you to chime in and express your thoughts. Our world only improves when we ‘speak up’.

Your comment is appreciated:

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