Gilbert, Arizona Council Meeting: September 6, 2012

Item 38: AGREEMENT – consider waiving the bidding requirements and approve Agreement No. 2012-1308-0072 with Share My Stamp for utility billing advertising for the period of September 10, 2012 through January 31, 2013, and authorize the Mayor to execute the required documents.

Item 40: POLICY NO. 2012-06consider approval of Council Policy No. 2012-06 related to utility billing advertising.

Councilmembers who cast the PROPER VOTE of NO:

 Victor Petersen

Captain Rick: After listening to council testimony, I asked Victor for clarification of his vote on this item.  His response:

Victor Petersen: On Item 40, I sincerely struggled. As I went through the list of items that would be prohibited from advertising, I realized that my preference would have been to allow firearms to advertise and disallow the others. However, I had to be honest with myself that if I were to do that I would be projecting my personal and even religious values on others through the use of the public power with which I have be entrusted. I felt that would be wrong. John Locke, who brought forward the concept of the basic individual rights of life, liberty and property, also said that “a man has property in himself.” In fact, this is the basis for all other property rights. If a man doesn’t own himself, how can he own anything else? If a man owns himself, he has the right to do with himself as he pleases. In short, it is not the proper role of government to protect us from ourselves. In fact, that would be a violation of our basic rights. In voting as I did on this item, I was trying my very best to honor the fact that each individual has property in his or herself, and that they would determine the kind of advertising they would receive through the exercise of that right in their purchasing choices. Also, I believe in free markets where we treat all businesses the same. Eliminating some businesses from being able to advertise is another example of government picking winners and losers.
Item 38 was simply the execution of Item 40, and I felt it was most consistent with my efforts on 40 to oppose 3

Captain Rick: I found Victor’s words to be on common ground with my principles. I beleive his words are also in the best interest of all citizens of the United States and of my town of Gilbert, Arizona.  I have awarded Victor with 1 PROPER VOTE for items 38 and 40 which are displayed on my Gilbert Council PROPER VOTE scorecard (link below).

The Gilbert Council PROPER VOTE Scorecard:

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